State of Decay 2 Review | Easy Allies

State of Decay 2 has so much potential that's not fully realized. The simple brutality of combat and the demands of keeping up a base offer noteworthy moments on their own, but that enjoyment is hurt by an array of bugs and a gameplay structure that loses much of its challenge and intrigue far too quickly.

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UCForce122d ago

That’s just disappointing. And the guy who said “polish is overrated” is just a blinded idiot.

Aceman18122d ago

The fanboys will just say easy allies is lying here lol. That idiot Tom chick is in fact an idiot and I wasn't surprised he gave a buggy, glitched filled game a perfect score.

The_Jackel121d ago

unfortunately for them, Easy Allies is one of the best if not the best reviews around,

P_Bomb122d ago

It’s one thing to hear about bugs, another to see ‘em. Being unable to trigger the last missions leading up to the ending until they exiled their best character, that’s rough.

MasterCornholio122d ago

Some of those bugs are game breaking.

paintedgamer1984122d ago

Are the bugs as prevalent in single player? It seems most bugs are in mp. If thats the case thats fu as that was the most inticing part about this game. This game could have easilly been an 8-8.5 if it was highly polished.

MasterCornholio122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Easy Allies talked about a game breaking bug in single player fortunately there is a way around it.

Anyways blame the developers for not delaying the game to fix the bugs.

Aceman18121d ago

Yes if they would have had some pride and polished the game some more it would easily be in the 8s, but they just made excuses for themselves that they'd fix as they go.

They have themselves this reputation of being lazy devs looking to make a quick buck imo.