A Young Mexican Offers His Vote In Exchange for Xbox One

According to a report from El Universal, some young people do not hesitate to offer their votes to candidates in exchange for something specific. If you wonder what this has to do with video games, you should know that one of them offers his vote in exchange for an Xbox One console.

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Eonjay28d ago

Silliness aside, when you offer your vote to someone it is usually in exchange for something (not usually immediately tangible mind you) such as a promise or a policy.

NeoGamer23227d ago

Yes, but voting for promises or policies from your future government is a lot different then voting for something immediately tangible.

People need t start looking for the root of problems rather than just trying to solve surface issues. The reason why someone is willing to do this is because they are desperate. If the world works to solve the need to be desperate then people will vote properly. Desperation is driving a lot of human behaviour in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

It was discovered many years ago that if people aren't desperate that negative behaviours decrease. But we are in a world now where the gap between rich and poor is so large that the poor just don't care. That is a dangerous world for everyone.

81BX27d ago

Then your right to vote should be restricted. That's just my opinion

chrono120527d ago

Shouldn't be running,if you have to buy votes.

Sayai jin27d ago

Most politicians in America dur it in a very subtle way.

inxine27d ago

if u offer ur vote to someone, at least ask for better things, like a high end pc, a pspro or the x. lol.

MorpheusX22d ago (Edited 22d ago )


This same article has been posted now 3 times , but nope N4G isn't apart of an political agenda.

smh, lol. okay .....