Battlefield 5 will have a premium, real-money currency

Regardless, EA and DICE have both said that only cosmetic items will be offered for sale

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AngainorG7X57d ago

Title is misleading, it's already known that there is option to buy only cosmetics with real money currency

3-4-556d ago

Exactly but the mad trolls want to push their agenda narrative of "EA is 100% evil"

They run a business first and foremost. You aren't obligated to buy the game and they aren't entitled to your money.

Try finding other games to play if you don't like BF5....literally thousands of worthwhile games to play.

Go enjoy life instead of complaining you trolls.

So many angry idiots because they don't 100% get their way.

InTheZoneAC56d ago

the fact you ignore how much of a cancer EA's practices are to gaming compared to most shows your pathetic ignorance

letsa_go56d ago

Wow, we have EA fanboys now?

ShadowWolf71256d ago


We still have Konami shills in here who defended their attempt to block Kojima's employees from getting insurance so I mean....

Dragonscale56d ago

@345, 'mad trolls' lol, you really got it bad. Its nothing to do with entitlement fgs, so people should just accept this bullcrap from greedy devs and pubs and just keep their mouths shut, fat chance. You are correct though, people should speak with their wallets as its the only language they understand. Tbh you sound like a corporate shill with that little rant.

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XiNatsuDragnel57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Fun... times... ahead... I... can... imagine..

IamTylerDurden157d ago

But weren't people raving about microtransactions when they are "only cosmetics".

Majin-vegeta57d ago

It's still pure cosmetics you can just buy them with real money or leveling up...

Kun_ADR56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Believe me, companies like EA are gonna rape people and their wallet when they support these “cosmetics only” MTs.

Instead of lootbox, this game is gonna be built around MTs. Fu*k EA.

Gaming_1st56d ago


It's not raping if you support and purchase said items.

Dragonscale56d ago

@gaming, the point is those said items have no place in full price games optional or not. Greed pure n simple.

SenorFartCushion56d ago

They did rant, yes.

This is what always happens: thr greedy conglomerates go too far and then all-of-a-sudden the old greedy ways don't look so bad.

They are bad

ocelot0756d ago

Yes they are bad I agree. But it's a million times better than having to pay £40 for a premium pass so I can play the new DLC maps. Also at least I can pay for a skin I do want. Instead of gambling my money on a lootbox and hope I get the skin I want.

I think it's a fair trade off. Free DLC but they give people the option to to use real money to buy a skin. Since I can't care any less about weapon skins this is great for me.

Hungryalpaca56d ago

Cosmetics that don’t fit the game. They’ve turned WWII into a cosplayers closet.

boing156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Typical MT tactic. Spender does't feel like he is spending real money which makes him spend more.

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