E3 2018 Predictions – Microsoft

With E3 just around the corner, it is once again time for the Player 2 crew to get their crystal balls out of the attic and make some wildly inaccurate predictions as to what will appear at the world’s biggest games show. First up, Microsoft.

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204d ago
ConsoleGamer204d ago

Based on my experience of the last years, i expect nothing more than another mediocre or even outright embarrasing press conference. The 2017 one (exclusive world premiere, launch window exclusive) will be hard to top though.
But i honestly wouldn't mind to be proofed wrong.

NecrumOddBoy204d ago

I think there will be a really great exclusive (X1/PC) like the rumored Fable which will end up being ruined by some sort of dumb feature that Microsoft will implement and crush hopes right in stage.

Also I expect Tomb Raider and Battlefield V be there primary third party showcases.

SpamnJam204d ago

Man, I really like my xbox but boy do they need something new... anything really. A single-player RPG of some kind would be the best.