What's Behind That Disclaimer at the Start of Battlefield V's New Trailer?

A new turn in the relationship between the gun industry and video games.

EA's video, posted on Wednesday to announce the upcoming World War 2-based Battlefield V, began with an unexpected disclaimer: 'No weapon, gear or vehicle manufacturer is affiliated with or has sponsored or endorsed this game.'

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Parasyte198d ago

They probably don't want people assuming they are in bed with anything that has to do with the military industrial complex.

Skull521198d ago

I would guess any manufacturer of cool military stuff didn’t want to be associated with a game with a full on SJW agenda... I know I wouldn’t.

SnotyTheRocket198d ago

I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s probably not the answer.

blacktiger198d ago


NarooN198d ago

Anyone who uses the term "SJW" or "SJW agenda" unironically is a moron.

ClanPsi1198d ago

@NarooN: I've been saying that for years. SJW is an acronym for Single Japanese Woman. SJC (Social Justice C*nt) is both better and more accurate.

xX1NORM1Xx198d ago

Skull521 you should know that EA hasn’t worked with weapon manufacturers for 5 years now so if you played battlefield 4 or battlefield 1 it didn’t bother you or you don’t buy battlefield in which case it doesn’t bother EA...

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Psychosious198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Gun manufacturers have been trying to patent protect their guns from being utilized in games without paying for their rights first. I believe that hummer and Jeep started this with call of duty being sued for their hummers likness being used. It’s the same thing with racing games, they must pay to utilize certain models and vehicles to mirror their likenesses in a virtual world.

It’s all about milking money from everything around you.

Nodoze198d ago

EA is now apparently embarrassed to be selling games that GASP involve guns. They more than likely believe the NRA is evil, and are the cause of all these school shootings.

Unbelievable. SELL DICE to Sony, they would know how to handle that studio, and they would not be embarrassed by the product they release containing real weapons (and historical accuracy).

ClanPsi1198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Imagining both DICE and RARE at Sony is like a happy, magical dream. But then I wake up I realise one of them is pretty much already dead, f*cked to death by the long needle-d*ck of M$, and the other is stuck, slowly suffocating in sh*t. :*(

xX1NORM1Xx198d ago

EA hasn’t worked with gun manufacturers for the past 5 years if u played battlefield 4 or battlefield 1 it obviously didn’t bother you, if you didn’t buy those games then it doesn’t bother EA that you won’t buy this one...

BadElf198d ago

Just getting ready for more PC outrage...ofcourse.


xX1NORM1Xx198d ago

Publishers have always been shady and secretive when it come to the deals they have with arms manufacturers, it’s a really dodgy situation you see them talking about lisencing cars for racing games all the time but guns/military equipment? Nope cloak and dagger all the way.

xX1NORM1Xx198d ago

EA made a smart move by no longer licensing guns no matter what side of the fence your on you know it makes sense they spend less money and they don’t get dragged into any controversy about guns, EA haven’t work with arms manufacturers for 5ish years now after the Medal of Honor warfighter website linked guns for sale... yeah you read that right.

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