Detroit: Become Human Guide: How To Get Clothes And Money For Kara And Alice

One of the earliest missions in Detroit: Become Human is finding some shelter for Kara and Alice after they run away from home.

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NecrumOddBoy174d ago

No No No! Don't post this. Let people play it without How To Spoilers!

phoenixwing173d ago

that's a pretty big spoiler

morganfell173d ago

Agreed. They should have written that part in the lead in comments. If people clicked on the article that is different but the editing bit needs to be fixed.

Dark_Knightmare2173d ago

Man I literally just did this chapter at the end of my last play session and wow was it full of difficult choices. It was also the first chapter where the flowchart literally terrified me with the amount of different permutations