H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta Hits 4.5 Million Players

H1Z1 is a large-scale, high-intensity multiplayer shooter comprised of a variety of new fight-to-the-death game modes.

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BLAKHOODe27d ago

I expect a HUGE player drop by next weekend.

Sayai jin27d ago

I'm all for it...the more games the better and it's free. SometInes I wonder the age of some of the people on this site or maturity level...diehards over consoles.

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Majin-vegeta28d ago

Battle royale games arent my type but for some reason im really enjoying this one.

BiggerBoss28d ago

I agree, not into PUBG or Fortnite (or H1Z1 for that matter) but I'm glad that these games are having a lot of success on Ps4.

The more games the better.

PhantomS4227d ago

Same. Never had a chance to play Pubg and Fortnite is garbage but I'm weirdly enjoying this one. I'm terrible, but it's enjoyable.

SuperSonic9127d ago

PS4 players consume games like there is no tomorrow!
4.5 million! That's insane!
No wonder Fortnite was a success!

BiggerBoss28d ago

Hell yeah it is.

Just think about how many people that is for a sec.

I'm glad that PS4 has such an active user-base, even if I'm not personally into these games,

jukins28d ago

Might as well give it a shot

outsider162427d ago

You do that. First thing you need to do once you hit the ground is get a car. It's your best friend. Even if you see several players in your area, don't worry about it. Get to the car and drive as far as possible. Other players tend to search for armor, guns etc first. You can do that elsewhere where its safe. Good luck

nowitzki200427d ago

Depends on how good you are. You can just land and loot and kill.

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