Games Like 'God of War' Are More Important Than Ever In The 'Fortnite' Era

Dave Thier: "I think that overall we might see single-serving experiences like God of War become more important going forward as publishers look to distinguish their experiences from the few dominant players eating the industry."

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LevelSmack200d ago

i know right lol, but it's sadly kinda true/

81BX200d ago

Well maybe they mean the MP dominant era. Yes it pulls more money but single player experiences are still important. Imo anyway

narsaku200d ago

I'm sorry, what?

..It's no more important than any other good single player game ever was. You're just overreacting.

Console generations ago there wasn't an internet to even give good multiplayer experiences, that's why so many had couch co-op.

Now that there is, the market is just properly saturating. People love Single player, people love Multiplayer. Now there are games for both.

There aren't as many SP games as there used to be because, "surprisingly I know", tons of people ALWAYS wanted to play games with their friends, even back on the Atari, and would have chosen to play multiplayer games back then if they could have.

IamTylerDurden1200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Internet has been able to support quality mp for about a decade now. It isn't the reason that every publisher wants to invest in the next Overwatch or Fortnite. The reason why Hero Shooters, MOBAs, Free to Plays, GaaS, and Battle Royale have flooded the industry is because of the filthy greedy profit potential of microtransactions.

The amount of revenue that a company like Blizzard or Epic make on microtransactions alone is scary. Epic is making more money selling cosmetics/MTs to people in Fortnite than they ever did with Gears. Blizzard has made more money selling loot boxes in Overwatch than they have actually selling the game itself.

These games become a vehicle for selling the consumer loot boxes, or cosmetics, or whatever MT they deploy. The profit potential for these games is off the charts, so every publisher sees dollar signs. The thing is, they all want the rewards without putting in the effort or possessing the talent. That's when you see a company like Microsoft looking lost with Sea of Thieves. Microsoft is committed to GaaS because they want record profit, they want their own Overwatch. It's scary how far back some devs are willing to put creativity and quality, instead it's all about "how are we going to monetize this game".

AspiringProGenji200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Yeah but before mp games weren’t slot machines. That’s the difference! last gen we saw how CoD influenced many devs ro go for the Casual mp fad. There were lots of games with tacked on Multiplayer or MP modes being dumbed down

Now in this Fortnite era, we are deeing CoD itself becoming one, and that’s just the start.

Overwatch loot boxes have now influenced many devs that want to cash in with that fad as well. And as a result, We are seeing companies like EA and MS making excuses to not invest in SP games to pursue that fad and make revenue

Then there’s Sony still proving that there’s still money to be made with quality SP games like GoW in this era. This is why GoW is important. You can mention any other SP games that has been successful but GoW just came in the right time to make a point

Before there was a much better balanced witn SP and MP. Games were as fun with friends as solo in my experience. Now with online only games you can’t have a “me” time without manchildren yelling via mics

Hardiman200d ago

That's the reason I support Sony, Nintendo or any publisher and developer who deliver compelling SP games and the reason I'm not really a fan of how EA and MS among others are conducting business.

It's not just big budget story driven titles either but games like Hyper Light Drifter, Hob and

Also these games don't have to make the money Fortnite does because most have modest budgets and don't have to make insane amounts of money to be deemed a success but as GOW shows if you deliver a quality game then it will sell!

I'm fine with F2P titles and them having MTs or loot boxes. What I hate is full priced games that are loaded with these types of garbage. Or big companies trying to change the industry into a service based model. That's what irks me and why I refuse to buy from certain companies!

Hardiman200d ago

Fads come and go but quality stories will always resonate.

Thatguy-310200d ago

The thing is most devs aren't capable of making games like God of War. There are a handful of devs that are capable of selling a story driven game because of their quality.

doggo84200d ago

That's very true. SSM raised the BAR, not many devs can pull off a game as good as GOW

greywolf39200d ago

Thanks to Sony and Nintendo, I am not in that childish fortnite era. Again Thank you Sony and Nintendo

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