Miami Street, A New F2P Racer From Microsoft Announced

Developer Electric Square has announced a free-to-play racer dubbed Miami Street, which is being made in collaboration with Microsoft Studios for all Windows 10 PC devices.

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Sciurus_vulgaris204d ago

I’ m disappointed too. There rumours electric square was developing either a racing game or a platformer for MS. Xbox/Microsoft doesn’t need another racing game, the fanbase has been asking for the return of old platforming franchise. However, Phil Spencer seems to pefer to approve cheap low budget games and hardware.

AngainorG7X204d ago

Seriously man i'm just waiting this E3 for the last time. This years show It's make or break for me. Last year they said they were focusing on the hardware... Ok, they overdelivered and i swallowed it. This year is supposed to be for the games. Let's see. I'm with Xbox nearly 20 years and i'm so f disappointed. Last chance for me.

Automatic79203d ago

The problem with many on this comment section is you get carried away by rumors and pre E3 announcements. Wait till MS E3 comes for announcements. Also, aren't you happy they are announcing all these side projects prior to E3 sheesh I can see it now the hate they would get from some of you for announcing this at E3.

Sciurus_vulgaris203d ago

@Automatic79 You do have a point. However, I am tired of Phil Spencer teasing games, that to me effectively don’t exist.

xRacer74x202d ago

@AngainorG7X, I kind of feel that way about Sony. All their games seem to be diff versions of 3rd person games with more movie than game play. I hardly played the ps3 compared to the 360 and now this gen I literally have not enjoyed a ps4 games since HZD. If Sony does not change I cant fathom buying another sony console.

Roronoa0411202d ago

XRacer74x... really? More movie than game? Everyone knows that’s just an excuse because a lot of PS4 games have 90+ metacritic scores with both great gameplay and story. As for the 3rd person.. that’s a stupid arguement considering most genres are 3rd person... platformers, action rpgs, jrpgs, 3rd person shooters and horror games. When you go first person all you have is first person shooters and the occasional horror game... first person in most other genres is janky

Gaming_1st201d ago


Phil is that you?

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Sciurus_vulgaris204d ago

All MS needs to do is announce and show 2 quality non-Halo, Gears or Forza AAA titles. This would show MS as company that invests in AAA first party.

AngainorG7X204d ago

Exactly that! For example Fable 4 & Perfect Dark or something! 2 AAAs is not perfect but it is a F start!

RpgSama202d ago

Just 2? Is that enough for you? I think they should show a lot more than just 2 and Miami Racer is not one of those.

IamTylerDurden1202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I believe Microsoft will show some new games. I believe this E3 will be considered a win for them. They have to show some meaningful new games. XB1 has been so painfully dry and their E3s have been so wildly unimpressive highlighted by 3rd party multiplats and vaporware Minecraft exhibitions that they simply must have something to show this year. They've been getting hammered about lack of games for years, they've sat back watching Sony have multiple epic E3s this gen with not a single one themselves. They've had time to work on something, and Phil wouldn't tease big announcements without actually having them. Not this time, MS is too far in the hole.

I believe Microsoft will have a good E3. Not an Epic E3, but a good one. If for some reason they don't show multiple new AAA exclusives not named Gears, Halo, Forza then people need to vocally push for new management.

Gaming4Life1981202d ago

I want halo 6, gears 5 and forza horizon 4 to be shown off and drop this year. I also want new ip's and release dates for older titles that we have been shown since 2013.

jacksmith56202d ago

thats how high microsoft sets the bar even their fans expect just 2 games , just got a playstation if you want true AAA games XBOX is Done i wish they can prove me wrong it would be for the best of the gaming community but i am not holding my breath , even when microsoft had good E3 such as the one where they anounced the XBOX one X , all the AAA games that actually where released is shit , State of decay shit , sea of theives shit , and then when they announce a new game its this free to play bullshit

Kryptix202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Seeing you all argue amongst yourselves is kind of entertaining...

...because you can clearly pinpoint the very low bar you all expect to be satisfied.

How about a bunch of new AAA IPs alongside the re-emergence of some old ones. Give Forza, Gears, and Halo a break for one or 2 E3s and focus on bringing new experiences or old classics with new mechanics. When they brought back Killer Instinct, that was a really good sign for great things to come, but I guess it didn't do so well so that plan was put aside on bringing old IPs.

And stop accepting GaaS to stop garbage like this to be worked on. They're clearly testing the waters again for low effort high profits. They did this with Phantom Dust, anyone remembers that? F2P where you spend money to get quick access to unlockables. After a week, that game was straight away forgotten like anything MS has released lately.

"I believe Microsoft will show some new games. I believe this E3 will be considered a win for them."

Highly doubt that. Just having some new games wouldn't automatically give them a win when you acknowledge the fierce competition of the other 2. It would just mean that they're finally trying to step out of the grave they made for themselves and taking things seriously. Microsoft is like that lazy brother or cousin that needs to wake tf up to real life and get to work while everyone else in the family has been doing that for years and are just way ahead in progress.

RpgSama202d ago


That's how low the bar is, just showing 2 new games and their almost yearly franchises is enough for them to consider MS showing a win.

Even though all their previous new IP for this generation have gone from mediocre to bad in terms of quality with just 1 or 2 that could be considered good, not great, not amazing, not awesome, just good.

Sciurus_vulgaris202d ago

@jacksmith56 Perhaps I should have elaborated on my earlier post more. Phil Spencer stated that Xbox will no longer announce games that are more than 1 year away from release. Therefore I should of have stated " that MS should announce 2 quality AAA non-Halo, Forza or Gears games for late 2018 to early 2019.

DiRtY201d ago

I want my Halo and Gears though... I love both franchises.
But another Fable or Perfect Dark would be sweet.

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IamTylerDurden1202d ago

Is this even on XB1? If not, wtf?

conanlifts201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

No word. This for me would be very annoying. Age of empires is the same, heaps of remasters and a new entry none of which are going to xbox. Yet all xbox games go to pc, not really a one stop eco system like they promise.

Kryptix202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Gameplay for anyone curious:

It looks like an Android game ported to PC.

It's literally a racing game where you time the acceleration and brake with one button just like an Android game. There's even a casino slot system to unlock new cars using some cash currency which I bet will be purchasable using real money. guys still want GaaS and keep getting mediocre or garbage stuff like this?

trooper_202d ago

An android game ported to PC....

Are they for real?!

CaptainObvious878202d ago

Holy crap...

Literally just 2 buttons and no steering involved...

This is worse then if they didn't release anything at all

And this isn't even releasing on xbone...

MS are is desperate need of quality exclusives and instead they put their resources to this game that is literally a GaaS android game.

It's just not funny anymore. At least MS had the sense not to announce this at E3.

Roronoa0411202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Yah they need something other than a racing game... bring back some rare IP’s

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darthv72204d ago

Well now... that's one I didn't see coming.

RpgSama202d ago

No one saw it coming and I think the last thing people were asking out of Microsoft was another racer, specially considering their best reviewed Franchise is Forza.

kingjohnm204d ago

now we just need this on the xb1 aswell, they missed there chance with this one

Nyxus203d ago

I don't think you're missing much.

jhoward585203d ago

I'm so happy I sold my Xbox one X.

Prince_TFK202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

...but this is a game for PC and wasn’t even exclusively made by a first party studio from MS. How is it related to the X1X?

jhoward585202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Well, you see, Xbox should be MS main focus since the Xbox one is lacking in games. It should go in this order, first the Xbox, then PC, and mobile. Not the other way around.

Besides, this is what you call a PC game. The title of the game sounds generic and casual to me. This game doesn't look impressive either by today's standard. This goes to show how much effort MS really put into their games.

202d ago
SilverDemon202d ago

You see, Microsoft are not supporting their console as much as they should, if fact, they are releasing games on pc but not xbox.(this is the second game)
If Microsoft wont stick and support their platform, why should gamerd stick with it and support it?

Kryptix202d ago

"We’ve got some exciting news to share. We proudly announce Miami Street, a project that Electric Square has been working on with our partners at Microsoft Studios."

Partially true, maybe Electric Square developed the game itself and Microsoft Studios helped with the GaaS part on how to rip off their consumers with years of statistical data from their Gears of War and Halo lootbox, MT stuff.

I'm not really sure what they're trying to achieve, but then I remember all the bloatware that comes with Windows 10 like Minecraft and Candy Crush so I expect this to be another piece of bloatware added to the Start Menu on the bottom left corner of the OS.

xRacer74x202d ago

@jhoward585, Microsoft is worth trillions of dollars as where SOny is worth 40 million. It easy for Sony to focsu on one thing specially when that was the only division within the company making money.

Gaming_1st201d ago


Hey Phil is that you?

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xRacer74x202d ago

Yea, that where my PS4 Pro and the 23 games I own are headed as well. SpiderMan is the only thing holding me back from selling it now.

xX-oldboy-Xx202d ago

Just sell it, you seem to not enjoy Sony games and the x is so much more powerful - good for 3rd party stuff.

OT: Should also be available to x owners, strange it isn't when MS studios are involved.

CaptainObvious878201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

I guess you just don't like games then.

Might I suggest taking up another hobby. Fishing, perhaps? Or loitering under a bridge while giving nonsensical opinions to passer-bies?

Gaming_1st201d ago


Hey Phil is that you though?

Blade92202d ago

Good man. You made the right choice. Sold mine a month ago.

chiefJohn117202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

You brought a Xbox one x and sold it a few months later? 🤔 Odd what made you buy it in the first place and why would you sell it months later?
Based on you making that comment it must of been lack of exclusives that made you sell it but we knew Ms didn't have any super graphical AAA games coming within a few month of Xbox one x release. So if you want an a Xbox for an exclusive (which would've been sot or Pubg upcoming at the time) why not a cheaper one?

You're clearly full of it and never had an X to begin with cause no one is buying it for exclusives only.

jhoward585202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Wow, I guess you must have physic power huh? Fact is, I still have my GameStop receipt to prove it. Anyways, I sold my Xbox one x because it was sitting there on my TV stand collecting dust. So I had no use for it anymore. Weeks later, I purchased Gow bundle and been happy ever since.

Thing is, gamers like you are the reason why MS continues to release these mediocre and unfinished games. So Step mate and vote with your wallet.

DerekTweed201d ago

I agree with you, he's talking shit. If you have 500 dollars to spend on a console which has no exclusives coming, you would not be in need of the money so badly to sell it a few months later, when those exclusives may come later.

chiefJohn117202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

See how you couldn't answer my question? Why did you buy a $500 version of a console(2017) that's been out since 2013 that didn't have games you were interested in? You're full of it. No one goes 4 year into a generation and buy a console they have no clue why they wanted it and sell it months later after not having exclusives they liked. I'm calling BS. I can see if you had a og or an S back in 2016 or later cause Ms were bring the games 2015 and back. Then sold it after a sparse 2016 and 2017. No I'm not a mind reader it's called analysing and seeing the obvious. That's like me buying a switch and selling it a few months would I buy it in the first place if it offer nothing that interested me to begin with?

So I'll ask again why did you buy an X?
Actually I stand corrected. You bought the most powerful console in the world at $500......and got nothing else but gears 4 ROFLMAO no multiplats, none of the other enhanced exclusives, just gears. You could've played gears and saved a lot of money. You're not full of it after all, just not very bright.

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deckardreplicant202d ago

Oh, this is not from SONY!
-Whole N4G Community

Ron_Danger202d ago

You were the first person to bring up a Sony in this comment section.

OffRoadKing202d ago

Not true theres members of the community like yourself who like to actually start the arguments and then pretend its the fault of Playstation fans.

trooper_202d ago

No, that's just your insecurity speaking.

No one stated it was a terrible game.

But if you're passing some android game as a win, then you have a few screws loose.

MasterCornholio202d ago

Did you see the gameplay?

It plays like a QTE racer.

Foxhound922202d ago

Not too bright, are you?

Did you watch the actual gameplay? Its literally a racer that you control with 2 buttons. Acceleration and brake timing only with no steering. You don't need to be a Sony fan to see that this game f&@#!*$ blows.

AmUnRa201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Deckard, Are you butthurt?? Yes you are, playing the victim here, bad PS fanboys....By the way, this game is a ported android game, you can only do two things with it; Accelerate and brake, and this "game" is only for Windows10 so not for your precious dont get upset😉

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