Ghost of Tsushima: What We Want At E3 2018

GS: "Ghost of Tsushima is confirmed to appear at this year's E3. Here's what we're hoping to see from the next big game by Infamous developer, Sucker Punch Productions."

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LevelSmack29d ago

I can not wait for this one. :D

Kostche28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

same, hope they show some gamplay

Nyxus28d ago

Pretty sure we will, Shawn Layden called it a 'deep dive'.

AlphaCentyros28d ago

Really looking forward to the gameplay as well. Does anybody happen to know if they already confirmed if this game will be first person or third person?

mkis00728d ago

Im thinking combat in the same vein as arkham would work amazing for a title like this.

Bathyj28d ago

Please don't be anything like that overrated combat. Leaping from one side of the screen to the other to hit someone you're nowhere near simply because to pushed the stick in their direction and hit attack.

I would be hoping for more thoughtful, measured combat where you pick your moments and don't have ridiculous bridging animations to close unrealistic gaps. Less Arkham, more Bushido Blade.

ShadowWolf71228d ago

I was with you til, Bushido Blade. That game can burn.

mkis00728d ago

I jist meant one where you csn take on multiple enemies at once seemlessly. Something that resembles a swordfight rather than just slashing damage effects.

DialgaMarine28d ago

I’m thinking more along the lines of NioH, but in an open world and faster paced.

Saijahn28d ago

My most anticipated game and I don’t even own a looks and sounds like it will be one for the ages

nucky6428d ago

what i hope to see??......GAMEPLAY!

DialgaMarine28d ago

Gameplay. It’s gonna be good.

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