Detroit: Bad Choices Can Affect the Entire Game

If you fail to act in Detroit: Become Human, it can cause a ripple that can alter your entire play through.

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gamerzero119d ago

I really like the flow chart it shows at the end of the chapters. It's cool seeing all the different ways things could have gone and how everyone chose to do things.

ArchangelMike119d ago

It always surprises me when I get the end and then I see a whole web of choices and therefore story that I missed. Yeah this is a game that I'll have to play through a couple of times - especially because some characters died early, and completely changed the outcome of my game.

PhantomS42119d ago

I like the flow charts but I hate, hate, hate how it brings progress to a screeching halt and destroys the immersion.

tombfan119d ago

Mmmmmm I think it entices you to search more options after finishing the game, in the other quantic dreams games you finish them and think you played the game and there's nothing else to explore, here, you see that you didn't even saw half of the chapter.

What's amazing too is that some interactions just happen if you unblocked a certain item in another chapter. That's nuts.

PhantomS42119d ago


Sure, I agree they are a great way to show the different paths but have them on the menu as an option to look at, don't force story progression to a halt for that. It's like the post-mission screens in Mass Effect 2, they just halted progress. It breaks immersion.

sagapo119d ago

Just because you’re not in these types of games, doesn’t mean the game by itself is terrible. If you bought this game without realizing what type of game this is, basicly says enough.

salmonade119d ago

79 on metacritic says otherwise troll.

doggo84119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

You haven't even played it. Bet you're just upset that another solid PS4 has released. Shame.

It's way better than anything released exclusively on xbox this year. That isn't saying much considering how Crap their line up has been, but at least Detroit stands on It's own as a solid game.

2pacalypsenow119d ago

Your mom made a terrible mistake not swallowing you.

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Platformgamer119d ago

game overs are not a fault of the game design as most people think.
this is not a shitty telltale game, here every choice you make matters and change everything

xenz119d ago

I find Detroit to be incredibly enjoyable so far. Love how the flow chart shows all the different outcomes that could have been.

If you expect this game to be anything other than what it is, I can understand your disappointment. I recommend people to try the demo first to find out if this type of game is your thing, and then buy this gem.

BioDead118d ago

Is it what the game is all about? Whats with this shitty article...