5 Things VR Needs To Be The Future Of Gaming

VR offers the potential for more immersive experiences.  Sadly, it has some way to go before it becomes essential.

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generic-user-name200d ago

It's not perfect right now, but Re7 in VR was a revelation for me. Imo it's worth the money right now.

Leeroyw200d ago

One of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.
They don't need to focus on VR only experiences if they can do conversions of AAA titles right like this.
Proper motion controls are a must.

rainslacker200d ago

I just brought a PSVR today. Couldn't find one at launch, and put it off for a while. I'm looking forward to RE7 on it. But will probably only get to Until Dawn, GT:Sport, and Skyrim over the weekend.

Apocalypse Shadow200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Nice! Enjoy.

Leeroyw200d ago

I recommend superhot if you have dual move controllers. It's something special. Also Wipeout VR and Arizona sunshine.

rainslacker199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Yeah, Superhot is definitely on my list. Wipeout VR as well. I got the Skyrim bundle with two move controllers, until dawn through PS+ a while back, and already had GT:Sport. Played Until Dawn for a bit, then let my wife try it out, and she wouldn't stop playing. It's deja vu for when she started playing Criminal Girls on my Vita.:(

Tried the playroom robot rescue game, and I hope someone makes more platformers in that vein. A sonic game like that would be awesome.

But pretty cool so far. Going to be a fun weekend since all I have to do is mow the lawn, and no other to-do lists.:)

generic-user-name199d ago

They recently announced Astro Bot. It's a full game based on that robot rescue demo.

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T2X200d ago

This article is redundant.

BLAKHOODe200d ago

VR is amazing. Maybe not perfect, but we're really just in it's beginning phase. The moment I began playing VR games and experiences, not only was I impressed, but I recognized that it wasn't perfect and that WOW! Imagine where they're going to take this technology over the course of the next decade and further. It'd be a major shame if the product failed too early before it can grow into the mindblowing potential its destined to bring.

narsaku199d ago

Everyone I talk to in the real world barely even knows what VR is, it amazes me really. I try to explain to people it's not a tv strapped to your head, it really feels like you're really there.

..I can tell people are intrigued, but I can also tell nobody ever believes me when I say how good it is.

A real shame, I think VR needs free demo's in every major retail store.

VR is amazing, and the evolution of entertainment, which will certainly leave tv's behind. It just needs the start.

Derceto200d ago

VR will never "the future" of gaming. It may have a future place in gaming, but it will never be the default.

Fantomex200d ago

IMO it will go the way of 3DTVs and then some other revolutionary new hot technology will pop up. VR isn't taking off very easily. Eventually it will sink into the dark sea of the past and be forgotten.

Perhaps in the future, if it will have one, most of the issues it has now will be eliminated. But I think it will disappear for a decade and then it will return better than ever when many of us will have forgotten about it.

narsaku199d ago

Oh, so the TV is going to last forever huh?

Jesus man... You embarrass yourself when you say something as ridiculous as, "will NEVER be".

I really don't like people who haven't tried VR, who then talk like they know something.

WheatBread200d ago

VR will really take off when the resolution is bumped to at least 5k, it has eye tracking with foveated rendering, it's completely wireless, has a long battery life, and the headset looks like a pair of sunglasses.

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