DICE GM Responds to Battlefield V Female Soldier Controversy

DICE GM responds to the Battlefield V controversy surrounding the inclusion of female soldiers in the game.

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Sciurus_vulgaris199d ago

The female soldier is just in the trailer for pandering. Russia was the country with a prominent presence of front line female infantry not the UK. Dice tired to market BF1 as following the story of an African American soldier in WW1, they even put him on the game’s cover, yet his role in the game is very minor. DICE. I personally take issue with the amount of pandering for the sake of diversity going on in media.

I expect BF V to be just as historically inaccurate and cartoonishly boombastic in singleplayer as BF1. I personally at times found the number of nonwhite soldiers in BF1 MP to be plan strange and i’m black myself. I will find it even stranger if there are player character with Katinas, Cletic War paint, metal arms, obesity, etc in BFV mp.

Chaosdreams199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I think the point is, they aren't stating that woman were the prominent force on the battlefield, but rather they served in a capacity that however minor is still worth depicting. Minor does not equate to non existent. So the developers have their creative freedom/license to depict stories/gameplay in a setting of their choosing. There's a line of course between respectful and disrespectful, and I think if they felt they were crossing the line they'd depict this in an alternate setting and push the creative boundaries even further (such as Wolfenstein with it's 'what if' scenario).

If DICE showcases some of the stories through the perspective of a female soldier/combatant, then this is certainly not pandering (if however they do nothing beyond having female avatars) I'll shake my head at the missed opportunity.

I do understand where you're coming from in the sense that it's dangerous territory to alter history - if what they are showing happens to be highly inaccurate. It's up to them to find the balance between allowing themselves to showcase potential scenarios soldiers faced (woman and men) and ensuring they don't throw in cyborgs (the claw hand is probably the only thing I raised an eyebrow at).

Part of me thinks it would've been cool if they fused WW2 with Steampunk, but if DICE is sticking to their guns on this - I have a feeling they've got some strong narrative choices in mind.

Finch198d ago

I agree with the claw hand part. The girl I can some what look pass. But if they allow to many cosmetic that has nothing to do with wwii. This will take me out of the atmosphere of the game. The girl if Russian sure don't. But regardless even if she is American won't kill it for me as much as wtf cosmetic like cyborg hands and the like. Just that one thing is so out of place. What else they got? But long story short. The cosmetic thing alone has me far more worried.

OmnislashVer36198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Bingo, it's historical fantasy, they can do whatever they want. Same genre as The Man in the High Castle and Wolfenstein.

Although with all of the down votes I feel like if the series were called "The Woman in the High Castle" some of these guys would burst out crying.

What matters is if the game is good. Has nothing to do with whether chicks are involved.

steven83r198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

At what point did DICE say this is a historically accurate game? They said it's their alternate take on the war/era. So by your standards and everyone complaining was Resistance a piece of crap game? That had a WW2 1940s 50s like setting with aliens. And it was awesome. If you want a historically accurate WW2 watch a documentary. But this idea that war games need to be exactly as they happened is stupid. And gets boring as each company retells the exact same story. Where's the hate for Wonder Woman? I don't remember reading about her in my history class.

Skull521198d ago

No one would care if they bought their game and when making a character you could choose a woman.

The reason people care is because DICE chose, instead of showing a great game, to make the statement "Look girls this game is for you too!" and normal people are tired of the pandering.

Skull521198d ago

These guys are doubling down, and looks like they're gonna troll with the chick now as the box art for the game. You developers should take a good hard look at the movie Solo, because Battlefield 5 is going to be next. Declare war on your fans and embrace the financial flop.

Sayai jin197d ago

Wondering who's complaining... It's a game, if you want true realism, the enlist and go out on deployment. I am a retired combat veteran and history buff and I don't care if women are in the game. Guess what, you don't take multiple gun shots or heal up instantly in battle. I know personally.

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thorstein198d ago

So the French, Chinese, Indonesians, Germans, and Japanese didn't have women on the front lines?

sampsonon198d ago

"DICE. I personally take issue with the amount of pandering for the sake of diversity going on in media."

same here, to many white men are being accommodated... spoiled ones like you.

Avernus198d ago

OP said he's black. I'm not white either, and I agree with the forced diversity. I acknowledge women played their part in war, and I'll speak only for Russia because I'm familiar with their history.

But HIGHLIGHTING women, by placing a woman on the cover, to me personally, is disrespectful to the men who's deaths outnumber the women.

But hey, we live in a time where if you speak up against this kind of stuff you're a racist / sexist / white guy.

sampsonon198d ago

@Sciurus_vulgaris: it doesn't matter because it's an attitude that has brainwashed many into thinking that if it's not a white guy it's being forced.

every f-in game and movie must only have white men on the cover ?lol.
women fought in the first and second world wars and never get any credit ever for sacrificing themselves. most of you guys didn't even know women fought in these wars until a game like this put one on it's cover.... so i guess they are educating the ignorant. painful :)

Avernus198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

@sampsonon: "every f-in game and movie must only have white men on the cover ?lol"

^ See, statements like this is why some of you come across like you have no idea what you're talking about, and just too busy white knighting to stop and see the point others are making.

Nobody made a peep about Tomb Raider being a woman. Nobody made a peep about Aloy being a woman. There's many other games that have a lead female that isn't "controversial" and that hardly anyone cared if it was a woman.

But again, your point is "if you don't agree with me, you're sexist and ignorant"... which tbh, is quite ironic here.

RedSalmon198d ago


"But HIGHLIGHTING women, by placing a woman on the cover, to me personally, is disrespectful to the men who's deaths outnumber the women."

OH FUCK RIGHT OFF. This isn't a memorial. It's a god damn video game. Fuck off your pious bullshit argument.

I'll remember that "disrespect' when you and other are tea bagging guys they killed and screaming cunt in comms.

Avernus198d ago (Edited 198d ago )


"OH FUCK RIGHT OFF. This isn't a memorial. It's a god damn video game. Fuck off your pious bullshit argument.

I'll remember that "disrespect' when you and other are tea bagging guys they killed and screaming cunt in comms."

^ See folks, when they can't put their feeling into proper words, whiteknights resort to the ol "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOUR OPINION!!!!"

Thing is sir, ma'am, it, attack chopper, whatever have you... I was talking about the devs, and their responsibility to the story they're telling. And they are telling a story. They've said it multiple times. But as I've said before, some people are just too busy shouting to hear the actual point.

I don't know where I referenced what players do on the battlefield, but ok.

You do you boo boo.

sampsonon198d ago

@Avernus: people always complain and they did say they didn't want to play Horizon because "women are being shoved down our throats because of liberals and feminist .



EA Fifa woman soccer team in game

i could go on with pages of this #hit so please stop acting as if it's not true.

Avernus198d ago


Big differences though.

- FIFA has women playing IRL, but do you see a woman plastered on their cover? No. Maybe you might see a woman sharing the cover. I think that's how it was a year, I can't remember. But the year a woman stars on a cover, you'll see a "controversial" moment, and rightfully so. The men's game is the real money maker for EA, and FIFA IRL. What a joke it'll be to plaster a woman on the cover to satiate the SJW agenda.

- HZD was always meant to be a woman, and it didn't feel forced to me. I played it, loved the game. Same with Tomb Raider. Imagine how easy it would have been to make Lara a man? But it felt ok tbh. Not really forced. Not like this BF cover, which screams "LOOK AT ME! I'M A GRIL!"

But hey, finding articles about 2 games is a huge deal. Good for you man. Well done. But let's ignore all the forced agendas in games. "it's just a game!!!"... sure, soon it'll be "it's just a movie!"... then "it's just a job! Get over yourself" lol... to be honest, you're already seeing it in the gaming industry. All the stuff EA showed about "women in video games" shows how they prioritize hiring women, over men. That whole Mass Effect lead artist debacle. IIRC was a women with 0 AAA experience, but was hired anyway.

But people like ME are the ones pushing an agenda? Wake up man...

pinkcrocodile75198d ago


"But HIGHLIGHTING women, by placing a woman on the cover, to me personally, is disrespectful to the men who's deaths outnumber the women. "

Unless you lived through World War II you can [email protected] r!ght 0ff. YES men were on the front line, of course BUT tell that sh!t to the innocent people slaughtered during the blitz or did women live in a bubble safe from harm from 1939 to 45?

I don't care if you're male, female, black, brown, white or green, whether you shag men, women or sheep. The fact is you're talking sh!t when EVERYBODY who lived through the horrors of WWII paid a price one way or another.

sampsonon197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

@Avernus: - "FIFA has women playing IRL, but do you see a woman plastered on their cover? No. Maybe you might see a woman sharing the cover."

i don't see why a woman can't be on the cover alone when it comes to the US

call it a good business decision lol

spoiled "it's mine!" lol

"sorry honey, women aren't allowed to be on the cover because they're women"

Sayai jin197d ago

Avernus, if they made a game about OEF, war in Afghan, etc I wouldn't care if they put women on the cover and trust me the vast majority of this KIA were and will be men. I know, becuase I lost friends on patrol, missions and the sort. I took shrapnel from an IED to the upper portion of my body, had heart, facial, and a few other surgeries to survive.

From a combat veteran, it's not disrespectful to put women on the cover. Most vets I know don't think about trivial things as a cover of a game. Why do you keep mentioning white, sexist, male?

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bumbleforce198d ago

I agree. There were female soldiers in ww2. But it was so small compared to male soldiers. This is pandering and thats my issue with it. I dont care if there are females or people of color in the game. But I dont think a female ahould be on the cover based on the war. . . . then again its a videogame so fun trumps all. They are doing this to sell more copies

Sayai jin197d ago

@Bumble, people of color in it? Um, there were people of color in WW2 on the front lines, liberating concentration camps, flying sorties, etc. Smh....

slavish0198d ago

its a video game. Get over it!

RedSalmon198d ago

You can't include even a single female character without it being pandering?

So, it's the choice between:

1. A single women or more = pandering.
2. Zero women = not pandering.

When are women allowed to exist in MADE UP games without it being pandering then?

Sono421197d ago

In what way is the game "MADE UP" DICE themselves say it is WW2. World War 2 was not "MADE UP" It happened, what didn't happen was women with prosthetic arms on the front lines, it simply didn't, that is the part that is "MADE UP". If you are going to call something World War 2, then you portray World War 2, if you are going to create alternate history, then you call it alternate history. What is so hard for you to understand about this? You know what, just put robots on the front lines, whats it matter? You can't prove all those people back then were human, maybe robots came from the future that look exactly like people and influenced the war. I mean why not right?!

Sono421197d ago

Woah be careful with what you say on N4G bud, this could be considered hate speech against women and DICE, don't want to offend anyone like Parasyte, just say "Oh yes finally women and disabled people are finally being recognized by battlefield for their huge help during WW2! How forward thinking and progressive DICE is WOW they are GREAT! Please take my money, HEROES of the modern world!" /s

Soc5197d ago

They're just trying to get girls to play games more. Pretty simple.
It's not SJW it's not that they actually care. It's just BUSINESS. as usual.

Mutant-Spud197d ago

The Soviets used female "soldiers" in their propaganda for political purposes, to promote socialist equality, very few served in combat, some were military police, anti-aircraft gunners, drivers etc, in short they played a similar role to women in other combatant countries ie they worked in factories, on farms, in administrative and support roles.

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-Foxtrot199d ago

It’s not just the woman...but whatever focus on that I guess 🙄

moomoo319198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Hey lets not address any criticisms about our game, and instead hijack the narrative and claim every detractor is a sexist

-Foxtrot198d ago


It’s a great deflect for any criticism

Gwiz198d ago

Yeah,They did the same with Mass Effect Andromeda.. apparently they didn't learn from that piece of garbage.

pinkcrocodile75197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

If I were in their shoes, I'd finish the game and release it with the tag line.

Battlefield V
Buy it or don't buy it, just stop moaning

Honestly criticism is great to read and easy to dish out. However when you receive it you can either pander to it or, ignore it and release your game just how you envisaged it.

The game will either do well or not depending on how it is received, however to change your vision because of what some spotty pleb says about it on internet forums or [email protected]'n twitter is a road to what could only be described as;

"Game development by committee"

Bugger that with a 10" carrot!

198d ago
AHall88198d ago

Not really surprising they're controlling the narrative, but whatever.
I'll just be avoiding BF5, just like I avoided BF1, and Hardline, pretty soon just that alone will be enough to be labeled a sexist/bigot.

FunAndGun198d ago

Good, that's what you do when given an option. This game is not for you, simples. Seems you are more concerned about how people label you than focusing on finding a game that fits your comfort level of content that doesn't upset you. Good luck to you!

FunAndGun198d ago

No woman, no cry.

But there is a woman, so many can't cope.

Hungryalpaca198d ago

I think you should examine your observational skills.

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bolimekurac198d ago

battlefield 6 confirmed with caitlyn jenner on the cover, they want to get really diverse

Sam Fisher198d ago

Having a transexual character can bring some crazy disguises for stealth portions.

Sayai jin197d ago

@Bolimekurac, people like you crack me up. I served for 21 years and I know a few Jenner types that would crack you in half. A few I know are in spec forces.

Sayai jin195d ago

That's what people with no argument and cowardly would say.

TheSplooge198d ago

Boohoo women in a videogame. Grow up, kids.

bolimekurac198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

women in games is not the issue, woman in anything is not the issue, the issue is the sjw bullcrap they are pushing down our throats. this inclusion bs is getting out of hand and its an agenda that is being pushed in games and movies and tv and media everyday more then ever and its wrong . They are force feeding the feminist crap and this inclusive crap down peoples throats

OmnislashVer36198d ago

Wtf you said women are not the issue then complained about them.

Brave_Losers_Unite198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Yeah lol wth was that

jakiah66198d ago

So basically what your saying is shove my agenda down everyone's throat, not yours. got it.

TheSplooge198d ago

They're not force feeding anything down our throats. Last i checked, they're not holding a gun to your head to force you to buy the game. As many have stated; it was never intended to be historically accurate. I dont see why youre all getting so offended over a videogame. Let the salt flow i guess.

FunAndGun198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

How can something optional be pushed down your throat? Do you NOT have the option to turn your head away and look at something else? It's not their fault you're so sensitive.

Also, this phrase "forced down my throat" - dramatic, just like a sjw. Another side to the same coin.

"women in games is not the issue, woman in anything is not the issue"

...a very short time later...

"They are force feeding the feminist crap and this inclusive crap down peoples throats"

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