Far Cry 5 Sells an Estimated 2.4 Million Units First Week at Retail

The action adventure FPS from publisher and developer Ubisoft - Far Cry 5 - sold 2,404,712 units first week at retail, according to VGChartz estimates.

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PhoenixUp85d ago

Fastest selling game in the series

Septic85d ago

Wow. Congrats to the devs.

narsaku85d ago

Jeez I guess people are getting tired of these games. Hundreds of millions of pc's compatible for this game, 60+ million PS4's, 30+ million Xbox ones and only 2.4 million first week?

Huh. GOW sold how many so far on 1 platform?

Fantomex85d ago

The PC versions are not counted in this data. First week sales for FC4 on PS4 is 891,606. It's around double this time around. And yes it came out at a bad week. GoW is a more popular franchise than FC.

salmonade85d ago

60+ million ps4's ? ... 80+ plus pal

windblowsagain84d ago

Love the graphics, story is meh. The original was always the best.

BeardedDrachen84d ago

Surprising considering the game didn't do anything special.

GamesMaster198284d ago

Apart from it was the best since 3 . But yeah you keep saying that bud

BeardedDrachen84d ago

Seriously it's not hard to be as good as 3 considering 4 was just 3.5 and Primal was trash.

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