Nintendo Switch Online shows Nintendo will fall in line

With the recently announced online subscription based model for the Switch, Nintendo may finally accept that industry standards are the best for business decisions.

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2pacalypsenow207d ago

Yeah but unfortunately they are following the industry standard of the PS2 when it comes to online.

porkChop207d ago

Clearly you've never played online on PS2.

2pacalypsenow207d ago

I did, played socom, Smackdown VS raw 2006, Metal Gear Online.

FallenAngel1984207d ago

“Microsoft paved the way for a subscription based service when XBOX Live Gold was announced alongside the XBOX 360.”

Sega pioneered online subscriptions with Dreamcast first.

“The 360 benefitted heavily from its domination over the shooter market, something that was clearly lacking on both the PS3 and Wii.”

PS3 had an over abundance of shooters. It could in no way be described as lacking in that area as any way.

“By placing a monetary value on a service and outlining features, it creates the image of being valuable.”

Not always the case. Having a paid service doesn’t instantly make it more appealing. It actually has to provide benefits to justify the cost.

“Nintendo has always been criticized as being clueless when it comes to business decisions.”

And they still are. Switch still has no backup to local storage, party chat, simple voice chat, Achievement/Trophy system, or monthly free Switch games.

2pacalypsenow207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Does the article really say xbox live started with the Xbox 360? Lol I paid for the starter kit on my OG xbox in 2003

porkChop207d ago

Xbox Live existed on the original Xbox. Xbox Live Gold, though, started with the Xbox 360. Xbox Live Gold was more of a proper service, rather than the primitive service available on the original Xbox.

3-4-5206d ago

Yea I've been paying $60 a year for Xbox Live since 2004. It's been worth it every's not different for PS4 or Switch either.