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Now the time is upon us for the current generation players to get their hands on antiquated Sega titles through Sega Genesis Classics.

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Fullmetalevolust178d ago

I don't know that the word antiquated works here since some of these titles hold up really well gameplay wise. The save anywhere feature is always welcome and was also present on the last collection.

PhoenixUp178d ago

Is it better than Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection?

Teflon02178d ago

Nope. It has more games, But took away Sonic 3 and S&K which are better than every addition that was added

Fantomex178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

That's a real shame. No way am I ever getting this compilation without that masterpiece.

When will they do a Saturn or Dreamcast collection? Those would have some killer gems.

Tross178d ago

Doesn't this new collection include the Toejam and Earl games? I'm actually looking forward to finally beating Biohazard Battle. Also, while I bought the Ultimate Genesis Collection largely for the Sonic games I actually ended up spending way more time with other titles many of which I never even heard of until that collection came out. That and Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles were only playable separately due to lock-on not being featured. I would actually like to see Sega release a Saturn or Dreamcast collection though.

This new collection will be mostly a rehash for me as I still have my PS3 and the previous collection, and ended up downloading the PSP collection at some point. I'm actually thankful there's a difference between the games offered this time around as if I want to play any of the ones axed from this iteration I can just go back and play one of the other collections. I do like the idea of having these classics on my PS4 but having to turn on my PS3 or PSP or Vita instead to play a particular title is the very definition of a first world problem for me.

Nerdmaster178d ago

I love(d) Sega, but I can't get excited for the 100th time they re-release Genesis games. Not only that, but they didn't even put Sonic3&Knuckles which is the best Genesis game...

Einhander1971178d ago

Have all the best Megadrive games in original form on real hardware. So unfortunately don't need to buy on ps4, but if u haven't played before buy it.