5 Actors Who Can Play Kratos in a God of War Movie

Hardcore Gamer: We figured there could be some other options out there. There are of course some standards to base the decision, but mostly you need some big muscles. So, this list is comprised of five other actors who could become Kratos on either a television or movie screen.

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chrisx199d ago

Tom Hardy would be my pick. djimon honsou? great actor but kratos isn't African.

IamTylerDurden1199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Tom Hardy popped into my head. Physically Bautista could, but Hardy would be great.

Statham doesn't have the size or voice, nor the face. Hemsworth, nah. Maybe Sean Bean if he took a cycle? Speaking of steroids, Gerard Butler in 300 wasn't far off.

d3nworth1198d ago

I agree. I like Statham but he doesn't fit as a Kratos. If anything he would be a good Baldur. Kratos is a battle hardened Spartan Hemsworth is too pretty.

No Way197d ago

As far as possible physical appearance - I think that Gerard Butler would be a great fit.

deathtok198d ago

The voice actors have been African American.

morganfell198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I know aliens in games that were voiced by humans. Kratos was a Spartan.

I think the movie would be better served avoiding Jason Momoa or The Rock. The Rock is always just The Rock in any movie we have seen. Same with Vin Diesel. And Jason Momoa, well, I saw Conan. You can blame the director but Momoa lacks that presence and he just doesn't have that "it" thing needed for Kratos.

Godchild1020197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

I'm sure if we could use a real Alien in movies and games we would. We just aren't at that point in life yet.

As for the voice actors that have been used to portray Kartos; I don't see why they couldn't use the Rock who has the build (Just not the voice) or Christipher judge (Maybe not the complete build).

It's the immersion of the person that is used to portray Kratos and with makeup being used to get the right shade of Ash of Kratos's skin and markings of the his body is what really matters when it boils down to how he looks.

rdgneoz3197d ago

Voice actors may be black, but the character isn't at all.

-Foxtrot199d ago

Hmmm. I'd say Rory McCann or Kristofer Hivju...both Game of Thrones characters who I could see pulling it off.

Dominic Purcell and Jason Momoa are obvious choices aswell.

There's the guy who played him in the live action trailer for Ascension, he looks amazing.

raWfodog197d ago

Yeah I could definitely see Dominic Purcell playing the part.

Inzo198d ago

This list is not very good. Give Paul Levesque some acting classes, he looks like Kratos already.

BLAKHOODe198d ago

Triple H was the first and only person I can see playing Kratos.

jakewhritenour197d ago

I actually thought about having Triple H because of the image someone created but decided against it. It definitely looks the part though and his acting was superb in The Chaperone.

obidanshinobi198d ago

Gerard Butler would be my pick.

dmonee198d ago

Only problem is that Gerard Butler is old as hell now and not nearly in the shape he was 15 years ago

firelogic198d ago

Why not have Christopher Judge play him? He's a live-action actor, he's done the mo-cap and voice work for this character, and he's got the same build as Kratos (maybe even bigger).

morganfell198d ago

Kratos was a Spartan, part of the Greek City State of Lacedaemon. Either you want to adhere to the canon or else just toss it out the window.

firelogic197d ago

Kratos is covered in white ash. Chris Judge's skin color doesn't matter.

morganfell197d ago (Edited 197d ago )


Race does matter in this case. It isn't racist to just portray the story as it was written. Any movie of God Of War will not work with a 15 second cutscene to show him as a Spartan General. They are going to have to spend time developing that angle. They have screwed up enough source material for movies ramming things down our throats for diversity. Enough already.

SpringHeeledJack197d ago

Christopher Judge is black. Kratos is European white.

firelogic197d ago

Kratos. Family. Ash. Skin color doesn't matter.

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