State of Decay 2 [Breaks 1 Million Player Mark] in First Two Days of Global Release

Aaron Greenberg: "As we close out our first week of the zombie apocalypse, we wanted to welcome and say thank you to the over one million fans playing State of Decay 2, helping break the million player mark, and answering the question: how will you survive? Since Early Access for the Ultimate Edition on May 18 and the global release of the Standard Edition on May 22, we have had over a million survivors across the globe playing and creating their own zombie survival story."


Admin note: title update for that bad misrepresentation of 'record', inferring it broke a previous record when it merely broke past 1m players.

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DarkVoyager205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

“Aaron Greenberg“

Cant stand this guy!

“State of Decay 2 Breaks Record with Over 1 Million Players in First Two Days of Global Release“

You call that breaking records? Sounds like damage control since God of War sales are breaking records.

Nyxus205d ago

Over 675 million zombies killed
Over 6 million firecrackers and fireworks thrown
Over 6 million bags of snacks eaten
Over 2 million textbooks read

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Just like they said the same thing to Sea Of Thieves. Very predictable from MS.

combatcash205d ago

@NYXUS Asia initially thought you were trolling, lmao they actually posted that shit. Like WTF? shit is too funny

Nyxus205d ago

@ combatcash: yep, that's actually from the article.

Liqu1d205d ago

MS are a meme at this point. They announce pointless statistics but not useful statistics that can be used to measure success.

dirkdady205d ago

Curious why does he say a million players and not a million units sold..?

darthv72205d ago

@liquid, you may think they are pointless but they ARE used to measure success. To MS it shows engagement. Players are playing the game and racking up these stats. It beats having the game just sitting on ones shelf doing nothing like the majority of games do when they get beaten.

CaptainObvious878205d ago

@Nyxus @ Combatcash

I thought the exact same thing. I'm Dying! :D

IamTylerDurden1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Microsoft pulled the same stunt with Sea of Thieves announcing record breaking sales and the same exact "1 million players in first 2 days". Then the real numbers revealed only 202K copies sold in its first week.

Microsoft stating "Sea of Thieves 1 million players in first 2 days"

Microsoft stating "Sea of Thieves breaking multiple records" http://www.gamerevolution.c...

This looks like the same bs now with SoD2. Microsoft misled people about the last poorly rated Xbox exclusive and now they appear to be doing it again.

Kryptix205d ago


Do you really think it takes an average of 2 days to finish games? How does one measure success by tracking the collection of in game items? That doesn't mean they liked it or not or if they bothered to even finish the game.

Also, why is this player count and not sales? If I try out a timed trial or demo, do I count?

Stop making up excuses. This is the typical dodgy, untransparent MS we saw in 2013-2014. This E3, we're going to see them break records for most smoke and mirrors. Hope they reveal that number, too to measure success.

outsider1624205d ago

Wow!!! That is impressive. How do you top that? Lol.
Say, how do these guys know all these stats?

Relientk77205d ago

I thought you were making a joke, but it really does say that lol

TheCommentator205d ago

@ IamTylerDurden

Units sold and players playing are not congruent when Game Pass allows people to play without a purchase. Obviously engagement is important now. Players playing equates to popularity and is a valid metric (not the only one that's important though).

Only the ignorant are "being misled", lol. It's obvious that SoT and SoD2 are successful in spite of people like you and the metacritic scores. Thankfully, I don't play fanboy trolling any more than I play popularity. I play games that I enjoy.

chiefJohn117205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

The funny thing is Sony just gave similar stats on one of their exclusives lol.

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

@chiefJohn117 @TheCommetator Well, you know Sony show hardware and software numbers.

76 million PS4 units vs 29 million Xbox units.

80 million PSN users vs 48 million Xbox Live users

You see the problem ? MS is ignoring the competition. And the reason I care about this. I’m very competitive person and I don’t like my competitors run away.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen205d ago

900,000 of those players have Xbox Gamepass.

Aenea204d ago


Because of GamePass, rentals, gamesharing, etc., etc. the amount sold does not equal the amount of active players.

Besides, am sure there are also people who already bought it but haven't started it just yet...

AmUnRa204d ago

Yeah nyxcus, you forgot one:
Over 3 million cans of Mountain Dew where drank during the first to days.

fewDankMemes204d ago

It's funny that Sony fanboys are allowed to sit here all day and troll this article, but the moment a user calls them out for it (JackBNimble), it immediately gets flagged as inappropriate. Too funny.

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Doughhead205d ago

God of War is not the topic

BeardedDrachen205d ago

The point is SOD2 isnt breaking any real records.

205d ago
IamTylerDurden1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

It's relevant because God of War recently released, actually broke real records, and had real numbers reported. That's an example of what Microsoft does not do. Instead, Microsoft announces some fuzzy engagement numbers knowing damn well certain people will mistake them for sold through. With the inception of game pass those engagement numbers are not at all indicative of sold through numbers due to the vast majority of players playing on a trial bases only.

They did the same thing with Sea of Thieves claiming it broke records. They stated 2 million players and you had people on N4G holding onto the idea that Sea of Thieves was a success because it "sold 2 million copies". People actually said that. But the real first week numbers revealed a paltry 200K sold. Insinuating Sea of Thieves being a record breaking success turned out a lie, and now Microsoft is pulling the same stunt with another poorly exclusive.

Realms205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

He's getting rosted because he is hypocritical numbers don't matter to MS until they paint them in a favorable light. SoD2 isn't breaking any real records nice to see that the game broke the one million mark but that's not saying much considering the state in which the game was release if anything it say's more about MS and their fans that they are willing to overlook massive flaws in a game only because it's a console exclusive.

Mmmkay205d ago

On the other hand 1,5 million played H1Z1 on Ps4 day one.

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JackBNimble205d ago

Nice spin Tyler
Incredible how you can turn this into GoW.... and yes, it is irrelevant.

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Prince_TFK205d ago ShowReplies(5)
XxExacutionerxX205d ago

Damage Control? Phil Spencer congratulated the team on making God of War. I think any company has the right to announce their success, no matter who it is.

Goldby205d ago

Yeah but how many were trial users for gamepass, how many were gamepass users.

Let's see if there still that million players this weekend, or next

Goldby205d ago


and some people waited to use their trial for SoD, my older brother did.

StormSnooper205d ago

Greenberg is one reason why MS has such a bad image. I don’t know why they continue to use him.

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Wallstreet37205d ago

Every time they release a new game even if its mediocre they ask the intern to come up with catchy records phrase lol The game can sell 30,000 and theyll say "those 30,000 have broken records in play time" At this point i look forward monthly to these cool blurbs.

IamTylerDurden1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


Microsoft said Quantum B and Sea of Thieves were breaking records and selling huge. QB flopped and Sea of Thieves sold just 202K its first week. Microsoft is the king of spin.

Sitdown205d ago ShowReplies(2)
rainslacker205d ago

That's a record? Can't read the article on my phone, but by what metric is that measure. I'm pretty sure any given COD game has between 3-5 million players day one.

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its_JEFF205d ago

I'm not 100% sure why his statement is a surprise, it falls inline with their focus on engagement.

Aceman18205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

There's no point in arguing with the MS fans they will see this as a success no matter what you say.

Pretty much means they'll accept any game no matter how poor the quality of said game is. I wonder how they'd react to one of their exclusives really having a great quality build in the future.

If I still owned my X1 neither this nor sea of thieves would ever grace my damn console.

hamburgerhill205d ago

"You call that breaking records? Sounds like damage control since God of War sales are breaking records."

Then go play God of War! Can't believe you and all the idiots that agreed with you. This is about State of Decay and has nothing to do with Pl ayStation games!

UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

It’s not about games. It’s about business model between MS and Sony. Sony is willing to show their hardware and software to the public and investors to make sure how the progression is going. MS on the other hand, they only show software to the public, but not with hardware which question the consumer and investors. If Nintendo Switch surpass Xbox One in term of sales, MS would be embarrassed and humiliated by both competitors.

hamburgerhill204d ago

And if Sony were in that position, they would do the exact same thing as they've done in the past. Plus even go as far lying like they did with move numbers on live television at launch. So now it's no longer about games and services? Really. Wtf..smdh!

Tototot205d ago

The closer comparison to god of war is yakuza 6 since it was released closer to each other, i dont see why gow and state of decay2 are relevant

People just like to bash other console, hahaha, so sad

Blaze929205d ago

@DarkVoyager what does any of this have to do with God of War? Why are you so defensive?

TheHan204d ago

Lol someone’s upset, Why would you be mad cause he says that they break their 1 Million player base record for a small gaming developer company. Don’t be mad cause you misinterpret what they were talking about.

mandingo204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

Its not misleading at all. If you can read then you know exactly what that means @TylerDurden

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BeardedDrachen205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Be mindful. This number includes gamepass subscribers. it's not 1 million players who purchased it retail.

AnkitDanger205d ago

still, game pass is like 10$

Strange_Evil205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Game Pass trial is still free for 14 days. Can use the same argument and say people might just be playing it for free and the numbers will drop off like Sea of Thieves once that expires.

205d ago
butchertroll205d ago

Still, game pass is also a free trial.

Atanasrikard205d ago


Yes because that 14 day free trial refreshes every month.


How many of those people weren't planning on buying any of the games available on gamepass in the first place? 100 x 0 = 0. How many people play a game on game pass, like it, then buy it for a discount? 100 x 10 + 100 x 40 = 5000. Looks like they are making an infinite amount more then they would have.


See previous response to strange.

Visceral89205d ago

They had a deal for Game pass, a 1$ early this month. Only reason I have Game pass and have played SOD 2

YEP414205d ago

Exactly people buying game pass cause of this game

YEP414205d ago

Good as deal and I’m playing sea of thief’s

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slate91205d ago

You mean the video included in this article that promotes game pass is telling the truth?! Thank you for your approval of this fact!

fiveby9205d ago

Well I am playing SoD2 using a trial of game pass for PC. The game is ok. But will I subscribe or buy the game.?
No probably not. It's just not that interesting to me right now. So is the game some runaway success for XBox? I doubt it.

bluefox755205d ago

I feel like this is going to be a regular thing from MS from now on, trying to pass off game pass players as sales, assuming people continue to use gamepass.

Atanasrikard205d ago

They never said anything about sales anywhere. Only a clueless fanboy could read that statement and not have the basic reading comprehension to understand what was stated here. Gamepass seems to be getting used quite a bit.

ShottyatLaw205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Yeah...or there really isn't much alternative. They have a service that lets subscribers play the game. So they will talk about players. Like they did here. Would anything change if they announced the split - outside of forum wars?

They would be happy with a million people using game pass or a million in physical sales. No one's passing anything off as sales, this is their metric from now on.

Zeref205d ago

Soo?? That's still a million players...

205d ago
UCForce205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Well, it didn’t help Sea Of Thieves neither, did it ? We know it’s rumor on VGChart, but SoT only sold 202.456 units or something like that. It didn’t succeeded, did it ? No wonder why Xbox devs feel lack of confidence. Even worse, EA revealed how Xbox One have sold 29 million units. You know what is funny that MS take their expectations way too high In every ways to make sure they look perfect. It’s very predictable from MS.

salmonade205d ago

Across PC, Gamepass on Consoles, and people who bought the game. Collect all the crumbs and bring them all together and count to 1 million. That is not a lot of players in the first week. That sounds like it's the peak players. The drop will happen just like SOT.

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Atanasrikard205d ago ShowReplies(3)
alb1899205d ago

The point is the people that are playing the game not the sells of the game....can you see the difference?

ssmilloy36205d ago

m.s. hopes you don't. that's the underlying factor

Christopher205d ago

This is my issue. This is essentially selling the pros of game pass. Join now and you too could avoid paying full price to try games you otherwise wouldn't buy.

It's not selling the game at all. Which, IMHO, as a survival game deserves to be sold on its own merits even if most people don't understand what a survivor game is.

UCForce205d ago

Similar to Sea Of Thieves. This is why MS release their game on game pass because they have lack of confidence on their first party games.

alb1899204d ago

What is the problem? You guys always try to find bad things in everything but I have a good news for you, you always will have job because you can always find something bad on everything so keep it up!

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ArchangelMike205d ago ShowReplies(3)
DeadSilence205d ago ShowReplies(2)
welly300205d ago

Should have saves the info for e3 Microsoft will need to bulk out its showing 😂