[email protected] 2018 - The New EA?

Ubisoft at E3 is approaching dangerous waters. If they continue on the same path, then soon they will be loathed just like EA is in gaming circles.

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PrinceVegeta29d ago

Well I don't agree with the click bait statement but what I do agree with is the cringey-ness of the presentation. Specially the hostess who tries really hard to be funny. I hope they move away from that format of the presentation.

Eldyraen29d ago

That’s always my least favorite part. Presenter and or co-presenters. WD2 reveal had that one social media guy that looked completely out of sorts in front of a live camera. 1-2 other similar people during that same conference.

I like the games shown usually, but the presentation at times seem over the top and come across as cringe-y now and again.

Knushwood Butt29d ago

Makes me think of Cammie Dunaway.

RuleNumber529d ago

Except not because Ubisoft actually puts out games worth buying.

MoshM29d ago

Lmao even Ea's games are better than yearly recycled cash grabs. Enjoy Far cry 10 & AC 15.

Kryptix29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

And Battlefront 2 wasn't a cash grab? At least Watch Dogs 2, Wildlands, Siege has gotten some free new content which aren't yearly IPs.

What has EA put out lately? A Way Out wasn't developed by EA and Battlefield V is looking like it's trying hard to target the Fortnite crowd, a real cash grab move.

Bringing back Splinter Cell even though it doesn't pull a lot of sales in the past says that at least they try to listen to old fans and haven't forgotten.

EA has hit a new low that comparing Ubisoft to them isn't anywhere close.

UCForce29d ago

I would say they are much better than EA.

MoshM29d ago

All high iq gamers blacklisted Ubisoft/EA/Activision/Microsof t years ago.

showtimefolks29d ago

Ubi use to be better but now they are going after live service like everyone else

thorstein29d ago

So, you didn't blacklist any of them. Thanks for admitting it.

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