Nioh: Reminding us there's life after Dark Souls

Chris Hyde: "Rather than being derided for being what Dark Souls isn't, (or conversely not being what Dark Souls is) it should be celebrated for those differences, and hopefully lead the way for other developers to further enhance and tweak the formula to give us different but familiar Souls-like experiences for years to come."

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GrimDragon207d ago

I'd say plenty of games other than nioh have reminded me of that.

TheOptimist207d ago

Avoiding all Dark Souls comparisons, Nioh marks an exceptional return to form for Team Ninja and is definitely in my Top 5 games this gen.

Roronoa0411207d ago

Such a great game! Hope there’s a sequel!

deadfrag207d ago

I hope Team Ninja gets a new Ninja Gaiden out first before going to work on NiOh sequel,i really miss a good Ninja Gaiden game since Ninja Gaiden Black.

MasterCornholio206d ago

I'm quite through it right now and so far I enjoy the game.