Sony's PlayStation 5 hints confirm an eight-year PS4 lifespan

Rejecting hardware updates in favour of a full generational refresh, Sony implies a PS4 successor will come in 2021 - but how big a leap can that offer?

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stuna1207d ago

This doesn't mean squat ! Sony is known for supporting their consoles well into the start of the next generation. They've done it with every console they've released.

JaguarEvolved207d ago

Ps2 was supported for over 10 years and ps3 was released 6 years after the ps2. Ps4 will likely be out by end of next year imo

narsaku207d ago

You think the ps5 will be out 2019?

..After they intentionally artifically extended the generation with the Pro???

OmnislashVer36206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Pro isn't a new generation... Also what's the point in waiting for 2021? They're likely not getting 4nm by then so we wouldn't be getting much more of a jump. Waiting just means it will be more outdated by time it comes out.

Say 4nm comes out in 2022/2023... Well we just screwed any chance of it being cutting edge by releasing it in 2021.

They should release it next year. So we can ride out the tech on the edge like the old days.

MrSec84206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Exactly, 7nm already went into mass production, there's already CPU tech that will provide a huge generational shift up from Jaguar in current gen consoles.
GPU tech will be ready early next year for the power requirements of a new console and overall cost of parts will be at a pretty optimal level for a system to be assembled.

There's really nothing from a technical, economic or even software perspective that prevents PS5 from launching in Holiday 2019.

2pacalypsenow206d ago

The only benefit in a next gen console is the hardware. If ou just upgrade the PS4 (like they did) it, the PS4 can last a lot longer.

bluefox755206d ago

@narsaku With the Pro? Lol. They've extended the life of this generation, single handedly, with amazing exclusive content.

stefan_771205d ago

What makes you think you know more about the PS5 release than Sony?

darthv72205d ago

2020 is far more important a year than 19 or 21. I bet my children on it.

NXFather205d ago

Yeah don't give them the one they want. 2020. I agree 2019 or 2021.

milohighclub205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Ps5 2020. They announced there'll be a drop in profits March 21 when they submit returns for the PREVIOUS year. April 2020 to March 2021.
Ps5 will release fall 2020 100%. In time for the holidays. I've been saying this for months.
The last of us will launch around April 2019 they'll get a year of profits in before releasing goty/remaster with ps5 at launch.

Retroman205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

What you mean ps4 will be out end of Next year??? and you wonder why you have 30 disagrees.
PS5 you mean end of 2020

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MuddyWaters206d ago

Sony supports it's systems for about 8 years with a 2 year overlap. This correlation means every 6 years there is a new platform and the new system usually suffers from big exclusives for about 2 years. The timing is showing once again Sony being fully committed again right to the end but the PS5 will likely have average titles upon release. This is why I expect a PS5 in 2019 or at the very latest 2020.

Eonjay206d ago

Well, I could have sworn I read an article where they said they planned to support it until 2021. Now, a two year overlap would be 2019. Yes, here it is:

I wonder if we will see something like the Pro, where games will support the PS4 and the PS5 for a period of time? The point of creating a platform is to get people to buy game on it. Sony is heading full speed to 100 million consoles sold and I doubt that they want to let that base reset.

I am saying PS5 may be coming faster than we realize.

Destiny1080206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

if sony shows there 2020 line up at E3, it pretty much means no launch in 2019

if they show nothing significant at e3 and PlayStation experience 2020 is the launch date

if they show a significant 2020 line up, 2021 is the launch date

strayanalog206d ago

Jack Tretton believed Gen 8 would be eight years long 5 years ago:

But yes, diminishing returns is definitely a big key factor now. I would argue now more so than ever before in gaming. It seems like it was only yesterday when 32 bits seemed like a crazy idea or 128 bit even. I can only hope that with these diminishing returns that graphics start to take a backseat to gameplay and gaming gets more in touch with its roots.

DarXyde206d ago

I'd be very okay with that. I don't care about graphics or resolution nearly as much as the modern gamer. Many of my favorite games that I still play are old, but great games. I frequent a barcade in my town and indulge in the classics. Shinobi III is still a game I beat 2-3 times a year. This generation, Persona 5 and Gravity Rush 2 don't appear to push the PS4 like other games, but they're my favorite games in a long time.

Gameplay and frame rate over graphics and resolution any day.

Deep-throat206d ago

"Gameplay and frame rate over graphics and resolution any day. "

I remember when people made fun of the Xbone... 900p vs 1080p.

I'm glad you warriors changed your stance.

206d ago
theKiller206d ago


the ps4 has resolution, gameplay, and exclusives.

Chevalier206d ago

@Deep throat

" I remember when people made fun of the Xbone... 900p vs 1080p.

I'm glad you warriors changed your stance."

You mean like all the Xbox customers that suggested graphics weren't a big deal because of the good games? Now there are no games and graphics are important again?! Yeah flip flopping more than a politician.

DarXyde205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


Yeah, you got me. My narrative has totally changed. Good thing n4g has a credible watchdog like you, or I'd have gotten away with my hypocrisy!

On a more serious note, I don't really get what you get out of trolling. Have you considered taking up knitting?

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Ashunderfire86206d ago

I call it lol! Keep telling my friends family and co workers that Playstation 5 is more than likely to come out 2021. Guys just sit back an relax. PS4 has a record to beat(PS2). We still need Last of Us 2.

FinalFantasyFanatic205d ago

Sony said they weren't focusing on hardware for the next 3 years and there's no hardware announcements this year. I can't see it coming before 2020, but 2021 is certainly a possibility. People just want new shiny stuff all the time.

Gh05t206d ago

How does a "hint" "confirm" anything?

DivineAssault 206d ago

Thats good.. I want those announced games on PS4

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