The Opening Of Detroit: Become Human Sure Is Some Science Fiction

The concerns at the heart of Detroit: Become Human are readily apparent almost from the very start: the existential crisis faced by androids that look and behave like people but are treated like things.

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Nekroz207d ago

Well, that's really surprising. Never thought a Sci-fi game would have a Sci-fi opening.

Flewid638206d ago

You win the internet for today.

S2Killinit206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

emphasis on "some" as in its "very" science fiction.

Timesplitter14206d ago

They mean that in a "it feels too cliché" way

morganfell206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

"What feels ' cliche'?"

A David Cage PlayStation game...

Remember, QD has their own special standard in game evaluation. Its why titles like every TellTale game ever get a pass and games from David Cage...or Ready at Dawn have special standards. And if they can't burn the game in one way they will find something else. Namely something they overlook in plenty of other games but suddenly Cage and crew have to clear some freshly invented one time only bar.

neocores8055206d ago

Damn... Its not true.... Well No buy... I really hate how this people are trying so HARD to nit pick dumb shit.

S2Killinit206d ago

watch some of the videos, damn its so interesting. the parallels with whats going on around the world today can't be a coincidence. I think Cage is making a social commentary while also giving us a glimpse of where we are headed with technology. Pretty interesting stufff!

phoenixwing206d ago

I think it is very much social commentary. This is an emerging issue that's becoming more and more real as advances in technology occur.

Gamist2dot0206d ago

I'm liking it so far. Too bad it doesn't support VR.

Smokehouse206d ago

Yeah, I heard about the historical inaccuracies from the polygon article 😏

Maybe we need spread these disclaimers around more before people get the wrong idea.

gamer7804206d ago

love polygons site design, but their content is pretty left that it reflects in their reviews.