Solo: A Star Wars Story references series’ worst video game

Though it's meant to refer to the wider scale of lore, Solo: A Star Wars Story makes the clearest reference to the worst video game in all of Star Wars.

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Uglyday200d ago

Movie was worse, not that I would pay Disney to know that personally.

Mr Marvel200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Ok Mr. Negative.
Let’s face it, your mind was made up on the movie before you even saw it... oh wait! You haven’t actually seen it? LMFAO

Your opinion holds no weight or credibility then.

Retroman200d ago

OK Mr Marvel i've seen it twice. Uglyday is Absolutly correct worst star wars ever. it should be titled : Solo a Disney Misstake. right at the beginning " how in the hell did han know Chewie would understand near death mumbling while choking hans instantly they both understand same languge? i call BS on that. another scene chewie and hans on top of train as train roaring down tracks mountain side. somehow chewie slips han holding a 2000lb wookie with one hand saving chewie from falling off train. other scene did not make sense. this flop should been a unknown sequal to Rogue 1

Mr Marvel200d ago

Solo movie was fantastic!
My wife & I absolutely loved it!
I noticed this reference when I saw it, although I’ll be seeing the movie many more times yet.