Five Games Perfect for the Inevitable Nintendo 64 Mini

The system can't miss out on these gems.

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narsaku180d ago

Would Nintendo have the rights to launch Rare's games on a N64 Mini?

lptmg180d ago

maybe they wouldn't even have proper rights to release Wave Race or 1080 due to licensing issues with Kawasaki and Tommy Hilfiger, let alone rights for Rare games

Neonridr180d ago

The only Rare game I think they would have zero issues with is Donkey Kong 64 since it's their IP and license.

cell989179d ago

If it doesn’t come with diddy king racing, I don’t want it

FallenAngel1984180d ago

Microsoft already has Banjo Kazooie & Conker’s Bad Fur Day included on Rare Replay. They ain’t gonna let it be playable on a hypothetical N64 classic cuz it’d be a conflict of interest

DillyDilly179d ago

What if they get a Microsoft Character in Smash Brothers like The Master Chief in return ?

DJK1NG_Gaming179d ago

It's Microsoft they will allow it. They really don't care after letting their characters on Minecraft be on Switch.

Fantomex179d ago

HM64 was my first game. I played too much out of the game in the past. Quest 64 is another game I would've love on the N64 Classic. Extremely unlikely, but what will be even more unlikely is another flawed gem, Mischief Makers.

Maybe Gex Enter the Geko and Gex 3 would enter the roster. The PS3 store has both games to download so there should be some possibility. You can definitely forget about Conker and Banjo. These are MS IPs now.

Magnus179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I doubt Microsoft will cough up the license to Conker and Banjo Kazooie since the games are already on the Rareplay on the Xbox and given the fact Battletoads and the other Rare NES games like Snake Rattle Roll were not added to the NES mini when it came out.

Doja179d ago

I want a thq wrestling game. WWE or WCW doesn't matter which one. Good times, good times.

OnDec76179d ago

Everbody in here focused on Rare games when there are tons of other great game gems that could grace the " N64 Mini " a bunch of 🌽🌽🌽 27805;🌽🌽㇬ 5;🌽🌽🌽&# 127805; in here

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The story is too old to be commented.