Our Take on the Smash Bros., Scalebound, & New Sony Handheld Rumors

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "It seems like every week that passes by before E3, the rumors are starting to get a bit out of hand are harder to believe. From a new character unveiling for Nintendo’s biggest franchise, a lost and forgotten title being saved, to Sony working on a new portable console. There’s no doubt that these rumors will get crazier and crazier in the days to come, but today, we focus on these three and see if they are just part of the E3 craze."

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BeardedDrachen207d ago

Scalebound was confirmed to just be an old page. It's not coming back.

nommers206d ago

If it does come back it probably would be multi platform st the very least.

darthv72206d ago

Multiplat as in for xbox and PC seeing as MS paid for the IP.

It was theirs to cancel otherwise PG would have found another publisher.

OneLove206d ago

You would love that wouldn't you?

206d ago
FallenAngel1984207d ago

Are people still talking about Scalebound?

It’s dead there’s nothing else to discuss about it

darthv72206d ago

Existing iteration is dead, yes. But MS could find a developer to finish it at some point down the road. They are just not that worried about it right now.

FallenAngel1984206d ago

Why would Microsoft revive a dead project? Which developer would want the baggage of dealing with reviving vaporware?

It’d be simpler for anyone involved or potentially involved to just move on with a new project. There’s nothing to gain by trying to resuscitate Scalebound at this point.

Besides that Microsoft has canceled plenty of projects and never revisited them. What would make Scalebound any different?

marloc_x206d ago

..let Nintendo pick up the pieces

; )

ZeekQuattro207d ago

With the Vita being a flop and VR not bringing in as much money as they had hoped I doubt Sony wants to dive back into handhelds anytime soon just to lose money. They need to focus on the PS4.

Kashima207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Vita are a big thing in japan.

Scatpants206d ago

The Switch proved that doesn't necessesarily have to be the case as long as you don't do stupid things like have ludicrously high priced proprietary memory and have remote play but not have all the needed buttons for remote play or completely drop support for it right out the gate.

cell989206d ago

Precisely my thoughts. Give me a PS portable with 4 shoulder buttons, and twin joystick and you can do remote play legitimately. No more proprietary memory cards, or expensive game cartridges. Give me PS3 like graphics and it’s gold

darthv72206d ago

Kodera's statement alluded to something more along the lines of the Switch, a hybrid... but obviously with more power and features. Who knows, maybe it will be the PS5.

FinalFantasyFanatic206d ago

If I recall correctly they did state they were still interested in handhelds.

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Kashima207d ago

Depressed article still dreaming about Scalebound lol

pwnmaster3000206d ago

I would literally buy an Xbox for scalebound. That was only the thing I was waiting for back then, until they canceled it

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