DICE Talks Battlefield V: Campaign, Battle Royale, Lootboxes And More

DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson, sat down for an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun where he talked about Battlefield V, it’s campaign, different angle of story-telling, the inclusion of a battle royale mode, lootboxes and how they’re being implemented, and much more.

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CodeNameTBW224d ago

Battlefield 1.5 with a SJW motive force down our throats.

Sniperwithacause24d ago

Was it forced down your throat? Will you be at gun point to buy the game at its midnight launch? No? Well then I think your wrong.

CodeNameTBW224d ago

Man, you know what I mean why you wasting a comment for. geesh.........

Rachel_Alucard24d ago

I love it when people try to argue using literal definitions instead of thinking of a better retort.

Usperg24d ago Show
Sniperwithacause24d ago

I don't know what you mean, unless you say what you mean.

Myst-Vearn24d ago

He means they're going like LOOK WE HAVE WOMEN IN OUR GAME!!!! YAY! in a very unnatural way just so they please all the SJW out there. No he doesn't mean he literally is forced at gunpoint to buy the game. is this clear enough for you or do you need further explanation?

Sniperwithacause24d ago

Yeah, type 2 or 3 more paragraphs about it for me.

jokerisalive24d ago

complete with customization options to make your liberal feminazi female warrior have pink or green hair!

ssmilloy3624d ago

make small breasts for a lesser aim window.

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bigmalky24d ago

This is the EA game that will bring in the 'pay to reload' idea.

Anyone else seen the limited ammo info? You'll be paying for larger magazines by 2020.

Majin-vegeta24d ago

Limited ammo is to encourage team play. Instead of running off like Rambo maybe you should research more about it

bigmalky24d ago

Yeah, yeah. If you believe anything EA say at the minute, you're asking to be robbed.

Silkside24d ago

Goodbye atmospheric real war feel battlefield, hello fortnite realistic mod with ridiculous cosmetics micro transactions.

Hope I buy the limited dab emote before it leaves the cosmetic store!

On a serious note I'm pretty sad that we've lost battlefield as a franchise, the soul and essence of battlefield has been thrown out the door in the name of so called inclusion but I see through this as a money grab to promote cosmetics.

Tru_Blu24d ago

I just want a game that plays exactly like bf3 but with better graphics :( sadly that is a pipe dream now, battlefield Vortnight is going a completely different route than I wanted.

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