Fortnite Vs. PUBG Vs. Copycats: The Development Battle Royale

Are Battle Royale games reaching saturation point? Ben McCurry from The Deadbeat Critics certainly thinks so...

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isarai205d ago

I don't know, maybe i'm crazy but i never seen it as copying, i just see it as a game mode i think we've all always wanted but only recently has become viable/possible. It's like saying every game that does deathmatch is copying each other. just my opinion

Magnetar205d ago

Or every moba is a copy.

rdgneoz3205d ago

Technically, PUBG and Fortnite were not the first of their kind. There were other games before them (Dayz mode for Arma 2, H1Z1 King of the hill for example), so they are technically the copycats even if they are doing it well (Fortnite is making a killing from going multiplat).

Magnetar205d ago

It’s amusing that people say pubg is a copy of of h1z1 or the arma mod. When the arma mod is actually named Playerunkowns Battle Royale.

2pacalypsenow205d ago

Well technically both Fortnite and Pubg are copycats

InKnight7s205d ago

Wooohooo wait fanboys of streaming trends!! I am not sure but isn't MAG was the first massive battleroyale!!! even if not MAG wasn't it H1Z1 and Arma 2?

Magnetar205d ago

While I enjoyed mag it was nothing like these games.

telekineticmantis205d ago

Footnote is just like Starhawk, without Vehicles, Sony should consider a part 2.