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The mix of strong storytelling, great acting and dreamy music lead to a fantastic cinematic experience and a grand tale that is rare to be witnessed. This game will make you proud for believing in the storytelling capabilities of video games all this time.

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showtimefolks204d ago

Not many haters in reviews which review the game professionally instead of looking for click bait type reviews

But the ones with low scores all the Xbox fan Boys are having a field day. What I don't get is the fact detroit at 8/10 overall is still much much better than 68-69/100

If the lowest rated exclusive in 2018 is gonna be 8/10 for ps4 than I would take that over unfinished, broken, buggy games

AspiringProGenji204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

yeah but when some people call clickbait to any low score review, they empower them even more. A low score is just that, a low score. As long as the game is on the green side, it is fine. The butthurt is obvious when they can't bring themselves to the good scores and talk shit.

with that said, another great exclusive! Keep killing it Sony

IamTylerDurden1204d ago

But the media has attacked Quantic Dream and Detroit for a while now. It's hard to trust certain critics when they were consistently going after the dev for social reasons.

Aceman18204d ago

Man its crickets in the good review articles of 8s and up lol. Where the haters be at lol?

kreate204d ago

Wonder if it's messed up to say I'd rather play Detroit than GoW.

IamTylerDurden1204d ago

When it was at 63 reviews on Metacritic 22 of them were 9/10 or better.

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generic-user-name204d ago

Well done Quantic Dream on another great game.

njulo204d ago

Going Broke Sony, so many great games so little time.

WelkinCole204d ago

These type of games will always get mixed reviews. However those that know these types of games like this reviewer knows a great game of this type of game when they play one.

IamTylerDurden1204d ago

Detroit is getting very good reviews at an 80 Metacritic.