Warhammer Online on a MacBook 2008 running XP

Obsessable: "One of the questions that has been on everyone's minds since Apple announced their new laptops on Tuesday has been whether the improved NVIDIA graphics cards that Steve Jobs spent so much time discussing on stage would mean that Apple's newer laptops would make good gaming machines. While it's unlikely that Apple is going to make any large moves towards becoming a new gaming platform to rival the current PC market, these new graphics cards combined with OS X's Boot Camp, which allows you to install Windows XP or Vista on a separate partition on your Mac's hard drive, allow Mac owners to install all the PC games they want on that partition. The big question is: can the MacBook really handle the graphics required by graphic-intensive games built for PC gaming machines?"

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Harry Flopper3440d ago

I should join the class action lawsuit,I'll skip quidditch practice to discuss this matter with dumbledoooorrre

amir0x3440d ago

These articles never cease to amaze me

joevfx3440d ago

suppossably , engadet or gizmodo did a test with crysis and the ne wmacbook pro played it at a faster frame rate then some dell or HP laptop.

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