Detroit: Become Human review: Much more than a gussied up choose your own A.I. adventure | FP

David Cage’s latest is a thoughtful and gripping tale of androids achieving sentience in a society with a grim history of denying freedom.

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Nyxus179d ago

"And it’s that storytelling that ultimately makes Detroit: Become Human a masterwork of interactive science fiction. It’s smart, it’s timely, it tells us something about ourselves, and — most importantly — its android characters feel like Pinocchio come to life. It’s easy for us to believe they’ve made the leap that speculative writers have been predicting for decades."

darthv72179d ago

you can clearly see this game was made with a lot of passion behind it.

UCForce179d ago

Most importantly, Quantic Dream want to tell a story of their own vision and they got it. Thank to Sony support.

alb1899179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Yea, yea, yea....I'll keep playing God of War until RDR is out

Gatsu179d ago

Well written review! The story will be amazing to experience...

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Gamist2dot0179d ago

As a fan of iRobot, I look forward to play this. Can't wait.

King_Lothric178d ago

As a fan of The Matrix I look forward to play this.

attilayavuzer178d ago

As a fan of video games I look forward to playing this.

rpvenom178d ago

As a fan of Westworld I look foward to play tihs.

Eonjay179d ago

LOL why do only poorly written negative reviews get attention. This game is reviewing very well.. The game has a great average for a reason... You are supposed to consider all sides not just the most negative ones you can find lol.

Nyxus179d ago

It's a shame all the positive reviews are ignored, while the two reviews (out of 70+) that gave it a low rating get all the attention.

Skankinruby179d ago

Clickbait is unfortunately a very effective publicity stunt

Sayai jin178d ago

So reviews you dont like are click bait?

AspiringProGenji179d ago

Trolls and them fanboys only feed on low scores then hide when there are high scores. This game is doing just fine. Will buy!

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rainslacker178d ago

To be fair, the Sony fans aren't helping by going into those low scoring reviews to bicker with fan boys, because it just increases the heat for those reviews, and makes them appear higher on the page. If you look at most of the pages that have the lowest reviews....even on other games, they're typically not from the sites that have a huge user base.

Eonjay178d ago

Yeah I'm not singling out Xbox fans here...

IamTylerDurden1178d ago

Shame the two worst reviews that exist are both in the hottest articles section while the 9's and 9.5's are not. Overall Detroit is getting great reviews.

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Gaming_1st179d ago

Odd i haven't seen "FrescoVivir" in a single good article....go figure.

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