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Quantic Dream surpasses everything it has done before with Detroit: Become Human. A huge script allows for a thrilling story to have multiple layers that, at the same time, deal with topics such as slavery, the human condition or the concept of identity. A real masterpiece of the genre.

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Einhander1971202d ago

When it’s a positive review the trolls don’t comment.

Aceman18202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Lol yea they'll never comment, but they sure are in those two 4 reviews lol. Too funny that the two 4 reviews are at the top of the page lol.

Elda202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Of course,on this site negativity trumps everything else.

edeprez202d ago

I wanna get this. Money isn't the problem. Dark Souls is the problem. I will be in the DKS hole for the next month. And i still need to power thru nioh yet. Hopefully there's a sale.
If anyone didn't notice, at you can get a 20% Off one purchase code. Just gotta watch a Detroit trailer. Codes don't work for plus subs or pre - orders though.

Roronoa0411202d ago

If it’s even better than until dawn it’s worth the purchase to me.

Hardiman202d ago

Playing Heavy Rain now and looking forward to tomorrow!!!