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Despite a strong connection between the choice-oriented gameplay and the script’s themes of free will and liberation, DBH’s exploration of these themes is ankle deep.

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Xavi4K52d ago ShowReplies(8)
TheGamez10052d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Mostly good but mixed reviews, still gunna pick up my copy tho. I like interactive games like this.

TyrellCorp52d ago

Exactly, Quantic Dream games have always been greeted with a polarized reception. If you’ve enjoyed previous QD titles, odds are you’ll enjoy Detroit BH.

Jinger52d ago

The reviews have been all over the place for this game, but it still has a good Meta so that's good! From what I'm seeing is if you like QD's past games, you aren't going to be disappointed by this one.

xenz52d ago

Pretty much this.

I never expected this game to have perfect scores, because a game like this never will. It's all about if you like this type of game-experience. Personally I do, and I'm looking forward to playing it tomorrow!

Wallstreet3752d ago

Ppl were on the money when they said reviews would be polarizing. You have major outlets giving it 9s but also giving it 5s and 6s. My go to site gave it 8.5 😁(Easy Allies) so I'm in.

T-What52d ago

Easy Allies are the only ones I trust;)

Father__Merrin52d ago

Rubbish review of another great game. Anyways might as well wait for the steam release

UCForce52d ago

You know the game is completely PS4 exclusive, right ?

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