Ubisoft's E3 2018 lineup

Ubisoft has announced its initial lineup of games for E3 2018.

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lelo2play25d ago

Meh lineup... only thing interesting is Beyond Good & Evil 2.

thorstein25d ago

Meh reply... only thing interesting was the baby picture.

Movefasta199325d ago

It's time for a 3d Rayman and splinter cell and Prince of Persia

gamerzero25d ago

I saw Starlink and I said to myself, "huh a AAA space shooter that could be cool". Then I watched the trailer and saw the toys you have to buy and attach to your controller... and I said to myself (to quote Jim Sterling) "Oh Ubisoft"...

PapaBop25d ago

Surprised that For Honor is making an appearance.Maybe it'll mean a season two.

Kun_ADR25d ago

“Aside from the titles above, Ubisoft is “saving some surprises for the show.” ”

I fully expected something related to Rayman.

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