One Day Was All Owlboy Needed To Flip A Profit On Nintendo Switch

That this 2D indie platformer still found success in a market where games like Shovel Knight and Rogue legacy had become commonplace is something of a minor miracle.

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PhoenixUp203d ago

I still wonder why the PS4 & XO versions got delayed 3 months after the NS version

Christopher203d ago

Because less competition on Switch, means faster profit that could be put towards porting to other platforms.

wonderfulmonkeyman202d ago

"Less competition"?
Dude, when's the last time you took a good look at how many good indies games are currently on the Eshop for Owlboy to compete with?
Just because PS4 has "more" doesn't mean that there isn't sufficient enough rivals on Switch to shut Owlboy out if it wasn't a stand-out game in its own right.

Christopher202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Seriously? There are hundreds and hundreds of indie games on Xbox and PlayStation, many of them on sale for next to nothing.

Combine with there being way more game releases in general on the Xbox and PlayStation.

The Switch has fewer indie games, fewer games overall, and fewer game releases each week than the other consoles.

How does that not equate to less competition? How?

TekoIie202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Probably because we've seen so many stories about the Switch version of Indie games being much more profitable than on rival systems.

It just makes sense from a business standpoint.

ZeekQuattro203d ago

The game had been in development for several years which no doubt bloated the budget. Amazing they saw a return in a day on the Switch despite all that.