Death Stranding is about 'global player collaboration', confirms Mads Mikkelsen

'The whole concept of playing the game, as I understand, needs collaboration from different people from different parts of the world', Mikkelsen tells Total Film magazine.

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salmonade31d ago

Interesting. I wonder if this means that the game will be an 'always online' title. I couldn't read the article because I refuse to turn off my Ad-Blocker.

porkChop31d ago

It's likely. Kojima refers to it as a completely new form of coop. It sounds really interesting.

UCForce31d ago

The more I think about it. It’s pretty much going to be like MGS V gameplay.

UCForce31d ago

The game will have Single Player and multiplayer. I read it on wiki.

G3ng4r31d ago

Wikipedia, the site where absolutely anyone else who also knows almost nothing about the game can modify a page.

feedurhabit30d ago

Wikipedia, the site where Phil Fish's pic had the Mystery of the Druids guy in the background for 6 months before anyone noticed.

G3ng4r31d ago

Welp there's some bad news. We see how global player collaboration worked out with nukes in mgsv.

UCForce31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

From what I seen the trailer, it focus on main character and some supernatural stuff. Its more like Single Player focus with multiplayer functions. Even I said the game going to be like MGS V online style.

G3ng4r31d ago

Oh, weird. Guy who is actually in the game says the focus is on global player collaboration and that's the most info we've received about the game ever.

UCForce31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Thinking it’s like Dark Souls online and PT demo. And I don’t think Kojima is like “always online” gamer type.

gamerzero31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


So in your previous comment you complain about people on wiki saying what they think it is for not having information yet here you are complaining and telling people what it is with out any actual information.

Just relax, wait until they reveal concrete information about the game.

G3ng4r31d ago

Without any actual information except for what mads himself has said, which is what i'm discussing lol. Don't be a scrub.

doggo8431d ago

"The Hannibal star is convinced that Death Stranding will break new ground. "It’s wonderful, and I can tell from the little things I’ve seen – some things, it’s not done yet – but I’ve never seen anything like this. And he’s not happy with it yet! It’s going to be ballistic," Mikkelsen claims."

"Oh, weird. Guy who is actually in the game says the focus is on global player collaboration and that's the most info we've received about the game ever."

Next time read the article before taking a quote, and spinning it into negative. You're embarrassing yourself. Clearly Mickkelson is blown away by the the story. Obviously death stranding will be narrative focused. Death stranding is going to be huge.

Septic31d ago

I like this G3ng4r guy 😁

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camel_toad31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Knowing Kojima it will be something revolutionary and that's what I gather from his past games and not just fanboy blathering. As cliche as it is to say he really does think outside of the box. "It should be on the back of the CD case."

PhantomS4231d ago

Could be more like the Nuke/Anti-nuke goal in MGSV where everyone around the world contributed to the arming or disarming of nuclear weapons. If it's an always-online single player game then it's probably a pass on buying it.

blacktiger31d ago

then use incognito, that's what I do when I want to read some article

salmonade31d ago

I always use Incognito with ad-blocker turned on. The site doesn't like ad-blocker... so in turn I don't like the site.

subtenko31d ago

We can discuss here, I dont know if he means collab with making the game or the game plot itself

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chrisx31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

uhhh I don't like the sound of off an "online focused" vibe. but I know Kojima Is a single player guy so I'll wait for better information.

UCForce31d ago

I think Death Stranding will have Single Player and multiplayer. In previous years, Kojima said the game will have jump out and jump in co op and you can still play single player mode if you don’t want to play with friends.

BeardedDrachen31d ago

Like the Division or Destiny or Sea of Thieves?

UCForce31d ago

I think it will be like MGS V gameplay style.

Imalwaysright31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Maybe he wants to do something he has not done before but from the trailer we were shown the game looked more like a SP focused game than a MP game to me and I don't believe that they would have these well known actors if acting and story weren't a big part of the game.

Timesplitter1431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

To me, this sounds more like it'll be a single-player game with an online "meta" attached to it. For example; a single-player game where story content changes depending on what players all around the world manage to accomplish in game

It could also refer to indirect online mechanics such as blood stains and messages in dark souls

gamerzero31d ago

I could see that, like Demon Souls where the tendency changed.

camel_toad31d ago

I don't know about the "focused" part. My guess is something more in line with Dark Souls player invasions, though different just because it's Kojima. I think Kojima likes his single player stuff too much to focus on multiplayer. Whatever he is doing, the mp aspect will probably just enhance the sp.

BadElf31d ago

How would you or him(more importantly) know if he could be a great Multiplayer guy as well, if you keep acting like this?
Have an open mind

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xRacer74x31d ago

This game is going to be way to out their I think . Kojima has always been a strange dude I expect this game to be strange and quite possibly to weird when its finally done.

ShottyatLaw31d ago

Probably, but I say he's earned the right to go crazy. Even if there is such a thing as too weird, Kojima will still make it with solid gameplay.

masterfox31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

oh boy,,definitely raises an eyebrow .

UCForce31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I read it on the wiki, Death Stranding is still an action adventure with multiplayer functions. The way he described the game. I think it’s going to be like MGS V online style with different way.

Skankinruby31d ago

Great, my hype for this game just dropped. It better not be online only or its a pass for me

UCForce31d ago

Read it on wiki, the game will have Single Player and multiplayer. It’s sound more like MGS V online but i bet it will be handle differently in Death Stranding.

Mmmkay31d ago

you have said this five times now. chill.

AllThingsShining31d ago

Did you write the wiki page or something?

UCForce31d ago

@Mmmkay Ok, I will stop now.