School Shooting Simulator - If only it was as simple as condemning a video game

Professor Yardley and Professor Wilson discuss the release of a ‘school-shooting simulator’ video game and question whether we should be surprised by it.

BBC News reported yesterday that a school-shooting video game was being promoted ahead of its release on the Steam video game store.

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RainOfTerror202d ago

that's wrong in so many ways .. I'm all for violent games, blood & gore, but this is just pointless & distasteful.

Omnisonne202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Yeah.. distasteful is the right word for it. Despite people being free to create whatever they want, some things are just messed up and cross the line.
IMO Steam shouldn't allow it on their platform as they were cracking down on nudity and sexual content a while ago, it would be ridiculous for them to allow a game about murdering children and teens.

demonicale202d ago

It's a simulator to educate and increase people's preparation for this type of event. How is that pointless and distasteful?.

CorndogBurglar202d ago

No. If that was what it was for it would not allow you to play as the shooter and try to kill as many students as possible. Which is what this "game" does.

If it was to raise preparation, you would play as the students and find safe ways to deal with the situation.

There is a big difference.

jaidek202d ago

The author of this article mistakenly showed pictures/video of an actual DHS trainer that prepares teachers and first responders for an active shooter event. So that part isn't pointless, as you said, it helps prepare.

Now, the game that the BBC article shows, that is distasteful.

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subtenko201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

Oh please you dont complain when its anything else in videos games. Now you wanna make videos games real all of a sudden. No, dont do this BS. We have ratings for a reason. You wanna complain go complain about shootings in movies and TV shows...

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XentaJones202d ago (Edited 202d ago )


subtenko201d ago

Where are you at complaining about this type of stuff in movies and tv shows or other games? I bet I can point out some stuff I find 'disgusting' in a game you have

XentaJones201d ago

you might just be able to but thats your opinion and this is mine...

obidanshinobi202d ago

This should be used to shame the USA and it's ridiculous gun laws where the rights of owning an assault rifle are more important than the lives of children.

meka2611202d ago

You do realize most shootings take place in gun free zones?

warriorcase202d ago

Gun free zones? Not an American here, what stops someone with a gun from entering a gun free zone?

chrono1205202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

If it has a sign "not to do it", some idiot did it.
Never underestimate an idiot. They think that signs work like magic force fields, for the stupid.


Sunny_D201d ago

So explain Good ol' Texas? Explain the 4 cops including the resource officer who had guns and didn't do anything in Parkland, Florida?

Cobra951202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Pandora's box is open. The genie is out of the bottle. Guns are here in big numbers. If God almighty himself appears to make all guns vanish the moment they get outlawed, I'd support that legislation. But gun laws don't do that. All gun laws do is make law-abiding people even more defenseless against armed thugs. You know criminals won't give up their guns just because of some new law, right?

How many schools didn't have a shooting, multiplied by how long since the previous shooting? How many millions of guns in private hands were not used to harm anyone in that period of time? As tragic and infuriating as these senseless acts are, they are still very rare. This is a huge country, with hundreds of millions of people, and yes, many of them own guns. But only the odd lethal insanity ever gets any air time, or mind share. How many people were assaulted with a bat, club, or hammer in the same period? Do we ban those tools too? Would that make the lunatic fringe any less vicious? (In case the answer isn't obvious, no, it would not.)

Imalwaysright202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Very rare? If this is what you consider very rare then in my country it is a fairy tail

nitus10202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Oh please, the "straw man" of saying that "All gun laws do is make law-abiding people even more defenseless against armed thugs." is just plain stupid.

I live in Australia and while it is more difficult to get a gun it is not impossible to get one legally if you can provide reasonable grounds to purchase one. Protection against armed thugs is not reasonable grounds although joining a gun club is. You also have to provide a place in your home that will allow you the gun owner to secure your weapon. Having a loaded unsecured weapon is asking for trouble,

Also if the cops are called to a confrontation where guns are involved (same in the USA) anyone with a weapon is considered dangerous and treated accordingly such as shoot first and ask questions (It has happened) later.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people but a high powered rifle makes it very easy to kill many people very quickly. Basically, it is almost impossible to protect yourself from a gun/rifle but it is so much easier to get out of harm's way when the protagonist does not have a firearm.

I am ex-military and I have used weapons that would make the AR15 look like a pea-shooter, however, we are trained in gun safety and carrying a loaded weapon in a civilian environment without just cause is asking for trouble.

It is strange that out of all first world countries the USA ranks thirty-first in gun violence.

Smokehouse202d ago

Shame the USA? Yeah... Good luck with that. When in American history have they ever cared about what you think?

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MadMax202d ago

You need to stop listening to the media buddy. You've been absolutely brainwashed! Think for yourself and do your own research. Stop allowing the media to handfeed you, or you will continue to make yourself look uneducated and ignorant.

subtenko201d ago

These people dont wanna listen or they are too stupid by this point. There should be a 1984 simulator. Idiots still wouldnt realize whats happening to them. Makes me mad, but its their choice if they wanna be ignorant...

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PhantomS42202d ago

Hope steam removes this immediately.

ONESHOTV2202d ago

why steam is an open platform for all times of rated games plz keep your console mindset to your self we don't want to treated like children but it looks like you do

PhantomS42202d ago

Steam has removed plenty of games. How are you defending what is clearly getting planted to make video games look bad but I suppose if you are willing to play something about school shootings then you have some disturbing mental issues.

Scatpants202d ago

Why, you like censorship?

PhantomS42202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Why do you like the glorification and slaughtering of children in school? That profile pick explains everything, no need to answer.

Scatpants202d ago

No I just don't like censorship.

TekoIie202d ago


Unfortunately it means you need to justify why this can be banned and not MW2 where you take part in a terrorist attack. If you ban one you have to ban them all. There can be no preferential treatment.

subtenko201d ago

@PhantomS42 who said anything like that you insane bafoon!? Go do a protest in front of hollywood where you find this stuff in the movies and tv shows you watch.

PhantomS42201d ago

@Scatpants - no you clearly love watching children get slaughtered.

@tekolie - the part in MW2 should have been removed for incentivizing mass murder.

TekoIie201d ago


Then can I assume you want GTA to be banned too? Where does your standard start and end with content that shouldn't be allowed? Describing it as "Incentivising" is far too vague since this argument was made against music and has been crushed.

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subtenko201d ago

Next remove all the tv shows and movies with violence in them, also remove all shooting games, fornite, and especially GTA and others

Quick tell me what games and moves or tv shows you have and Ill tell you the safe ones!

demonicale202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

What the idiots below me don't realise is this was made to help fight against this kind of thing happening in the future.
It's a simulation just like you'd find for army drills etc. It's to better prepare people in the event that this happens again.

CorndogBurglar202d ago

The people you're talking about are above you. Not below you. Up vs. Down.

demonicale202d ago

They were below me before making this comment.

CorndogBurglar202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

So it's to help people be prepared for this situation by letting you play as the shooter and kill as many students as possible?

No. If it was a tool for preparedness you would play as the students trying to stay safe in this situation. It wouldn't be an FPS where you walk the halls of a school with various weapons trying to kill as many kids as possible.

The creators can spin it however they want. But let's not be foolish here.

gangsta_red202d ago

Stop. That is the most ridiculous reasoning to have to defend this trash.

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