Microtransactions, battle royale and Wake Island - the Battlefield V interview

Martin Robinson: "Well, who would have thought it. There's a new Battlefield game coming out this year, and it uses World War 2 as a backdrop for DICE's chaotic multiplayer sandbox, while also folding in features such as a new co-op mode and character customisation - both of which were the focus point for the reveal trailer - and doing away with the series' long-standing premium pass. Shortly after yesterday's reveal event, I got the chance to sit down briefly with DICE's creative director Lars Gustavsson, a long-standing member of the team and part of the franchise since its very beginning, to talk through some of the changes."

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Deathdeliverer201d ago

This is going to be a sick ass game. Trailer was bullshit to the max, but actual battlefield games are the shit. None of that bad company jazz. And a possible Battle Royale mode in battlefield?! Everyone else’s days are numbered.

Hungryalpaca201d ago

Um. The trailer has divided the fan base. What part of that sounds amazing