Check Out Resident Evil 7 Running On The Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 7 doesn't look that bad on the Nintendo Switch.

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shinoff2183206d ago

It's a shame they couldn't get this on carts for switch users. If it makes it any better resident evil was better back in the day re1 to re code Veronica

Neonridr206d ago

It's silly to be honest. Since the Switch is portable it doesn't make sense to offer an internet only version of the game. Here's hoping they get around to releasing a proper version in due time.

shinoff2183205d ago

They are saying its because of the switch. Ive read if its downgraded it just wont be good. I havent played it except an hour on vr. I still just prefer the older REs

Neonridr205d ago

@shinoff2183 - I would have to imagine that the Switch version could be on par with the PSVR version (which was downgraded as well).

that being said, it's a cool idea and could open possible avenues for more demanding 3rd party titles appearing on Switch.

However, the pricing model would need to be looked at.

talocaca205d ago

My impressions from Japan:

It works extremely well.

- I only played in handheld mode with my home WiFi (ultra fast 2gb per second).
- The resolution seemed great. No blur or frame rate issues.
- It was extremely responsive and arguably better than PSNow (I had the service for a month and stopped my subscription).
- No loading times and even the motion controls work pretty well to look around.

The only negative is that my screen had a small glitch....think of two big squares that looked like dead pixels. I thought it was my Switch's screen but it was only during RE7 gameplay).

Overall extremely promising :)

marloc_x204d ago

Someone, did not like your PSNow comment.. lol