New Exotic Emote Causing Controversy

A new emote that's available for a limited time from the Eververse Store is causing some outcry from fans because it's both expensive, and only available through spending real world money.

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UCForce59d ago

A freaking 10 dollar for this emotes ? Seriously ? I’m done with you, Bungie.

Seraphim59d ago

yep, just because Blizzard can get away with raping fees for mounts and pets doesn't mean Bungie can. But hey, there's idiots with more coin than sense who will happily buy it.

maybelovehate58d ago

Then don't buy it lol. It's not like it will change gameplay in any way. It's not even a very good emote compared to the ones you get by playing.

UCForce58d ago

“Then don’t buy it” Still defending Bungie shady business, aren’t ya ?

spicelicka58d ago

I don't think buying is even a passing thought for most people, but we have the right to criticize bullshit practices.

amielucha58d ago

Guys, it's an EMOTE! Let it be even $100. The joke is on those who pay for it. It's not affecting the gameplay. Where is the controversy? In the article's clickbaity title only?

GrimDragon57d ago

Reminds me of the elder scrolls horse armor.
If you buy this thing expect more like it at ridiculous prices. I'd ask to please dont buy it but iam betting a few already have.