'Monster Hunter' film gets $60 million budget

Capcom is re-entering the film industry with a 'Monster Hunter' adaptation.

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Seraphim180d ago

Love the game but Movie..... No Thanks

xX-oldboy-Xx180d ago

Hate being a pessimist- but this is gonna stink.

OffRoadKing180d ago

"confirmed that Milla Jovovich who stars in another Capcom film adaption - the “Resident Evil” series - will take the lead role in “Monster Hunter.”


Eiyuuou179d ago

I mean, I like her... but she's not suited for the role in the slightest.

Pass as well.

C4rnos173d ago

Same director from the Resident Evil movie i heard too.

That definitely doesn't put it in a strong position.

OneLove179d ago

Cant really see how you could go wrong with a movie like this.

CrimsonWing69179d ago

Jack and Jill had an $80 million budget...