Bloodborne 2 -- Road to E3 2018

IGN: "Here's why now is the time for Sony to showcase the sequel to one of our absolute favorite PlayStation 4 games."

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AspiringProGenji145d ago

All competition dies to me when this gets announced. Bloodborne was a true gem in 2015

AspiringProGenji145d ago

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Lightning Mr Bubbles144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

If it's coming it's gotta be announced this E3, if not it's not coming till PS5 cause it's getting a little late in the gen. I still think there's a good 2 or 3 years left in this gen, but unless the game is coming out the same year it gets revealed (like Fallout 4) then it pretty much has to be now.

But I don't know, I want the games but I also think this gen is won. I wouldn't mind seeing some of this stuff saved for PS5. As long as we get games like Death Stranding, Days Gone, Code Vein, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Ghosts of Tsushima, Dreams, Rage 2, Bloodstained. I think I'm good for this gen, don't need too many new announcements.

It's funny, cause we are probably entering the last 2 years of the gen, and it doesn't really feel like it, feels like so many of the best games are still to come.

Can't believe Borderlands would skip this gen, I expected a Borderlands 3.

UltraNova144d ago


Anything and I mean anything that gets presented before or after a BB2 announcement is automatically deleted from my memory. BB 2 dwarfs everything for me. Damn, me needs it!

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

So what if its late in the gen? If ps5 is backwards compatible then Sony no longer has to worry about end-gen releases. Going forward, they can simply release any game they want and when thr ps5 comes out release a patch for it with all next gen bells and whistles. Actually they must have already warned devs to add a ps5 patch in their schedule.

Long story cut short, sure they can have some big hitters for the ps5 launch but they don't have to worry about when to release all those games they have in the works right now.

Skull521144d ago

I liked Dark Souls III better but Bloodborne is my #2 this generation. I'd love to see BB2 for PS4 Pro but this is about the time in the console cycle where Sony's shown games debut on their next gen console so I'm not gonna hold my breath. Looking forward to the Dark Souls remaster since 3 was the only one I've played in the series and I feel I missed out.

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Elda144d ago

Hoping so as well or it may be a Bloodborne-ish Tenchu.

Prettygoodgamer144d ago

I know I'm in the minority with my opinion but I don't like the souls-like games at all, I have blood Bourne free on psn and I don't even want to download it, I just put it in my library just in case but I don't think I'll even give it a try. I would prefer a tenchu.

AspiringProGenji144d ago

That’s fine. I was like this but once I gave the series a try, and I struggled with it, I fell in love

FlintGREY144d ago

I agree. Played Bloodborne for 10 minutes, then deleted it. Maybe I'll give it another go one day

nitus10144d ago

Games preferences are subjective. What some gamers like other gamers may not like and vice-versa.

Since you like Tenchu type games which have a strong stealth component you may like the Dishonored games or Deus Ex (was free for PS+ subscribers). I do agree that even if you are not that keen on a particular PS+ free game it is still worth putting in your library just-in-case.

Prettygoodgamer144d ago


Whats my name have to do with liking or disliking souls-like games ?

Dragonscale144d ago

@prettygood, he means you cant be pretty good if you don't like the souls games. Anyhow how do you know you don't like Bloodborne if you won't even play it.

Prettygoodgamer144d ago (Edited 144d ago )


I tried dark souls I didn't like them, the atmosphere is boring to me and the style of game doesn't excite me, I don't find them hard I just don't like them.

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nitus10144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

If you have a PS+ account from at least April 2018 then you would have no excuse for not playing Bloodborne, assuming you do like "From Software" games. Of course, you really do need to "git gud". 😎

nucky64144d ago

maybe. i'm a big fan of the game; but, ghost of tsushima has me really stoked right now too.

outsider1624144d ago

I'm probably the only Playstation guy that's not into Bloodborne. Maybe im just a fan of gothic theme if it all. Not to mention it's hard.
I could do with a Tenchu game though.

MajorLazer144d ago

My favourite game of this gen so far (RDR2 probably gonna take the crown)

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isarai145d ago

I think that tease is for a new Tenchu

isarai145d ago

Lol @ Disagree,

1)theres a ninja shuriken in the bloody rope
2)theres ancient ninja kanji on the parchment in the background
3)"Shadows Die Twice" was literally said in Tenchu wrath of heaven by one of the protagonists
4)from Software are the people behind the Tenchu series


thatguyhayat145d ago

It has to be tenchu. A* a tight rope covered in blood. Clearly stealth. And b* a boss from tenchu series has said shadows die twice

fenome145d ago

I'm happy with it however it goes From was only behind one Tenchu game though.

I love From games and I love Tenchu, I'm not really a fan of them both togdther, I hope this is something different.

Sciurus_vulgaris144d ago

“Shadows die Twice” was also not revealed by Sony, the owners of the Bloodborne IP.

salmonade144d ago

Bloodborne is one of my favourite games of all time. But I would be happy with either game to be honest. But their is a little kid inside of me that is so F***ing excited by the possibility of a new Tenchu game, especially one made by From Software. I feels giddy

Bathyj144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Oh god I hope you're right.

As much as I love Bloodborne, I'd throat slit everyone in this room for a new Tenchu.

It's been too long, the series has never got the AAA treatment it deserved. From are a way better developer than they were back in that day, and the series needs to come home to PlayStation where it belongs.

Please make it happen. Do Tenchu justice. Maybe it's a true sequel to the original game.

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FTLmaster145d ago

You're damn well right it's about time!

Eidolon144d ago

3 Years, not really a long wait, given that nothing has even been said or leaked about a sequel, it's more of a demand than an expectation. But I'd love a sequel to my favorite Souls games!

jhoward585145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I don't think its Tenchu because Sony seems to set- up and have game made in different genre on a year to year basis. They already have ghost of tsushima which is a samurai story driven game. The only thing that is missing on thier list is an action horror action game for next year or the next.

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