Sea of Thieves Provides Initial Information on The Hungering Deep

More details on content arriving to Sea of Thieves with The Hungering Deep update are revealed, including new rewards, new items and more.

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lxeasy208d ago

Glad they are adding this now but it should have been included since the games release.

porkChop208d ago

Absolutely. The game didn't have anywhere near enough content. These ongoing online games need a solid foundation to build on, and you can't have that foundation without content. The Division and Destiny both suffered from the same problem. Destiny 2 repeated that mistake. At least The Division 2 seems to be fixing that issue according to Ubisoft.

Godmars290208d ago

" The Division 2 seems to be fixing that issue according to Ubisoft."

Cause Ubisoft have only given reason to take their PR statements to heart? They've never failed to deliver after messing up?

porkChop208d ago

That's why I said "seems" and "according to Ubisoft". We don't know for sure, it's just what Ubisoft is claiming right now. The game could very well have all the same problems. But as of right now, with what little info we have, that doesn't *seem* to be the case.

81BX208d ago

Yes just like in ghostrecon

Jinger208d ago

I think there are special rewards you earn if you play the campaign within that time. Other wise once the campaign is over all items and enemies will be apart of the world, but you'll probably have to buy the cosmetics.

jokerisalive208d ago

thank you guys for explaining. Appreciate it.