Black Ops 4 marks the end of Early Access battle royale games

PCGamesN: "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ glitches and unpolished graphics were as much a part of the experience as its fresh twists on survival mode when it launched on Steam in May 2017. Widespread technical issues are generally thought to be enough to prevent a game from attracting a large audience, but as any Bethesda RPG can prove, that is not always the case.

Millions were happy to forgive the battle royale genre’s breakthrough hit, many of them even embracing its unpredictable goofiness. You’d struggle to count all the livestreams and YouTube videos of players laughing as car collisions fling their vehicles into the sky, where they dance frantically like two metal whirligigs towards the horizon."

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kevnb207d ago

What a bunch of nonsense.