Sony Says PS4's DualShock 4 Is the Best-Selling Gamepad of All Time

The black DualShock 4 is the best-selling gamepad of all time in terms of dollar sales.

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DarkVoyager119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Must be awful being an Xbox fan and hearing all this great Playstation news.

Doughhead119d ago

Note that this doesn't necessarily mean the DualShock 4 has sold the greatest number of units of any controller. The statement also singles out the standard black controller, not taking into account total controller sales figures from any other console it's up against.

naruga119d ago

probably the most comfortable control out there for my hands at least ...and one of the most solid/durable ones ...(that thing with ripping rubbers on analog sticks was a total BS ...i have mine from a launch PS4 and are perfect ...with 100 s hours on it)

AnkitDanger119d ago

Ps4 got better games but Xbox still has the controllers so I choose both and everyone prefers Xbox controller for pc too so I take this as a lie

dirkdady119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Ankit that's your opinion my opinion ds4 is the best.

Here is a comparison article:

I have to find it but I recall reading the DS4 analog sticks have a higher number of sensors making it more responsive as well..

SuperSonic91119d ago

I have 3 DS4s and meaning to buy another one

NiteX119d ago

@AnkitDanger I will admit I have an XB1 controller for PC, but I don't really like it. I vastly preferred the 360 controller which I regret giving away to my friend. I also use a dualshock 4 for some Steam games though, since Steam supports it so well. Unfortunately for games that don't use Steam the dualshock 4 can be a hit or miss.

getbacktogaming119d ago

Xbox controller is wayyyy better, I prefer playing on PS4 but I wish I could use Xbox controller instead.

EeJLP-119d ago

They're selling a bunch because the analog sticks are screwed up. The rubber falling off the originals and both versions develop an issue where the controller scrolls on its own. This causes you to get stuck in the ground unable to walk and your run getting cancelled, like in TLOU.. or Fortnite when you aim down sights your character walks on its own, L2 for whatever reason magnifies the scrolling issue, so you walk out of your fort or walk off a cliff when you lre trying to aim down sights. I'm on my 3rd broken analog, if I replaced them right away instead of living with it, I'd likely be on at least my 7th controller by now. There needs to be an option to adjust the deadzone to increase the lifespan of the controllers, but they're setting record dollar amount on controller replacements, so I guess good luck with getting a fix if people just keep buying replacements.

rainslacker119d ago

Yes, but how much do people engage with the controller? That's what we really want to know.

EeJLP-119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Here's to the disagrees:
TLOU stuck in the ground unable to walk and run getting cancelled constantly due to left analog with a very slight upward movement on its own, broken dead zone. That video is either broken controller #1 or 2. Been playing Fortnite on a secondary account since like Sept/Oct '17 and third controller, second revision from PS4 Pro moves forward by itself when aiming down sights, so you walk out of your bush, walk off your fort, walk off a cliff, and constantly have to try to compensate for unplanned forward movement, which also makes your reticle bloom bigger, so your shots less accurate. Can disagree all you want, there's the proof.

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Silly gameAr119d ago

I bought 10 million myself, so i contributed to most of the sales. There's no way the dualshock can beat the greatest controller known to man, which is the original NES controller. There's just no way. I refuse to believe it.

/s, btw.

Teflon02119d ago

people use the xbox control because it has native support through steam. Only like a year and a half ago ps4 controls got full steam support. But through big picture mode and sometimes it gives trouble because 99% of steam and pc games/apps don't support ps4 controls and treat it like a cheap gamepad. It's just simple with the xbox control. I like PS4's control more but I've been contemplating a x360 control or a really cheap xbox one control if I find one on kijiji, Games that I play don't support ps4 controls so button promopts etc are in xbox buttons. Might as well use that control. I think cuphead might be the one game that surprisingly supports it. If I remember correctly

bloop119d ago

It's not lies, it's because they fall apart after a few months so you have to go out and buy a new one!! 😂 Honestly though, the DS4 is without doubt the best controller Sony have designed but the build quality/materials are absolutely atrocious. The rubber came off the sticks on both my launch day controllers, my next one the USB board died so I couldn't charge it and my fourth controller the R1 button just stopped working. I'm now on my FIFTH controller!! It's my only gripe with Sony this gen. Fantastic design, terribly put together.

Nyxus119d ago

I have no issues with my controllers, and one of them is a launch model.

rainslacker119d ago

A small portion of the initial launch system controllers did that, along with some sold without the system. Sony would replace them free of charge within the warranty period. Wish I had taken advantage of it, because both of my day one controllers had the rubber come off. Other than that, I did buy another one on sale for $30 and got a 4th with my PS4P. The originals have one retired in a drawer, and the 2nd sitting with my OGPS4 in the bedroom.

bloop119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

@rainslacker: Yes, I'm sorry I didn't avail of the free replacements too but it wasn't until after the scheme ended that the rubber really started to come off mine. I've obviously had very bad luck with PS4 controllers, but even that aside I still don't think they're made very well. I have dualshock 2 controllers that have seen 1000's more hours of use and are in much better nick.

tontontam0119d ago

I prefer nintendo procon for pc.

rsnotz119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

@EeJLP One guy having one issue one time =/= widespread problems. I'm still using my launch model DS4 and its still working just fine. Not to forget you say you would have gone thru multiple controllers because of their supposed poor build. Maybe you're the problem.

Nintentional119d ago

I would think the 360 gamepad is the best selling of all time. PC gamers bought tons of those, let alone gamers on 360. The 4 in Dualshock 4 stands for how many hours it lasts.

G3ng4r118d ago

Ds4 is small, has horrid battery life and symmetrical sticks are bad for movement in 3d. Xbox one pad feels better but left and right bumpers aren't the most accessible. Switch pro controller mixes the best of both and has an internal battery that you can get forty hours on.

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choujij120d ago

Congrats to Sony. It is a fantastic Gamepad, and my personal favorite.

RpgSama119d ago

And there is still 3+ years of PS4 to go, so the numbers will just increase

crazychris4124120d ago

Best selling in dollars not unit sales. Dualshock 2 has to be #1 with 150+ million PS2s sold in an era where split screen was king of multiplayer

darthv72119d ago

Agreed, and they wouldnt count those included but still to think of all the units sold for co-op and fighting games and such. Hell... i have like 6-7 myself of the DS2 cause i would wear them out.

TheColbertinator119d ago

Good times. Broke quite a few during the days of DBZ Budokai and Virtua Fighter 4

chiefJohn117119d ago

Ofc no way in hell it outsold ds2

rainslacker119d ago

Eh, in the PS1/2 days, I brought the cheap $10 controllers. Nowadays, the cheap 3rd party controllers are crap...or crappier than they were in the PS1/2 days, and since I'm not broke, I just buy the official controller.

Nintentional118d ago

Yes, because split screen multiplayer must’ve been so popular on a console with 2 controller ports...

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Nyxus120d ago

Not just Sony, the NPD says this.