Press Start: When it comes to games, "power fantasies" and "toxic masculinity" are great

Games critics have criticized Far Cry 5 for being a "power fantasy" and God of War for its "toxic masculinity," but these are two things that make action games so great, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.

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notachance206d ago

Lol wait until they play yakuza and found out it has hostess management sim and softcore porn

Diffraction_Fos206d ago

There is no such thing as "toxic masculinity". The only people who think it exists are femtards who think anything they don't like constitutes The Patriarchy, and white-knights who love degrading their own gender since its the only hope they have of getting laid.

narsaku205d ago

Nice buzzwords.

Gonna trigger lots of people to get clicks.

....*updating site block*