A New Way of Thinking About Video Game Cost

We are living in a period where some don't have huge entertainment budgets. After paying bills, there may only be a few dollars left of "fun" money. Does that mean we have to start thinking differently regarding how we spend our gaming dollars?

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Fist4achin202d ago

Interesting, but i will stick to my physical games. I tend to support some of the bigger titles im seeking and will pay full price. Others, i will wait for price drops over time. With so many games releasing and backlogs, i find it easy to hold out for a sale.

nitus10202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I normally check prices between physical and digital games so I have a mixture. Since I have a PS+ account I do get plenty of free games some I like some I don't but overall the ones I like outweigh the ones I don't like so I have a huge library of games.

Personally, I prefer action/adventure and games with an RPG element so naturally, most of those games are huge (assuming you don't look at a walkthrough) and as for cost per hour I basically pay cents.

Basically, I think the cost per hour for a game is overrated since what IMHO is the most important for any game is the enjoyment.

Fist4achin202d ago

I prefer the A/A games and the RPGs and i usually take my time to beat them because if it is good, i try to explore every nook.

I wonder if the cost per hour is more directed towards MMOs, especially if they are trending away from any SP campaign. Online players tend to devote tons of time into whatever game they are playing and will shift to the next best thing that releases. Im sure this gaming model will gain steam (no pun intended) with the more appropriate types of games.

Cobra951202d ago

There is nothing wrong with adding cost per hour to the metrics of a game. I don't understand why some are up in arms about it. No one is suggesting that this alone determines whether a game is worthy.