Naughty Dog Tweet Teases The Last Of Us Part 2 Reveal At E3

Naughty Dog's Vice President Neil Druckmann has set tongues wagging with a vague message on his twitter account, hyping an upcoming reveal for sombre sequel The Last of Us Part II.

The tweet simply features an image of a miserable-looking backwoods road, along with the words "T minus 3 weeks." Obviously, this countdown will lead us to the upcoming E3 event, to be held in Los Angeles next month. Druckmann helpfully lends to that theory by adding the hashtag #E32018.

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Nyxus84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

It has already been confirmed to be at E3 (including gameplay).

Marcello84d ago

I`m hoping for a spring 2019 release date. The old ticker is gonna be pounding, first game was sssooooo good.

ArchangelMike83d ago

Sony will probably want to put distance between TLOU2 and Days Gone, so I reckon it'll be third of fourth quarter 2019; but that also depends on the other titles releasing like Ghost of Tsushima etc.

Obelisk9283d ago

I know it may be an unpopular opinion but I sense a 2018 release.

84d ago
jhoward58584d ago

Can't wait to see this game in action.

Neonridr84d ago

I.. can't... wait..

Absolutely loved the first game and cannot wait to give this one a go.

jokerisalive84d ago

Propably gets Best of E3 imo.

Neonridr84d ago

safe bet. Unless Spiderman just floors us.

jokerisalive84d ago

True. Spiderman does look incredible.

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DarXyde84d ago

The thing about The Last of Us, in my opinion, is that the gameplay showcases didn't floor anyone. It was the hands-on experience with it that really made the game shine. Based on the footage, I was expecting a great game, but not game of the generation. I didn't think that until I actually played it and it blew me away.

With that said, now that there is expectation for this recently- created IP, a simple showcase of gameplay will probably amaze us visually at the absolute minimum. But I'm actually expecting Cyberpunk or Death Stranding to steal the show.

xX-oldboy-Xx83d ago

Are you serious? There were a heap of articles and quite a few users that were adamant everything was scripted. Don't you remember?

The trailers and demos for TLOU couldn't have been better, they set us gamers up for one of the best games ever.

DarXyde83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I'm not at all saying the demonstrations were UNimpressive. I just feel that people couldn't REALLY appreciate it into they played it since Naughty Dog did a great job at keeping story elements quiet.

I don't think it'll steal the show at E3 either because I think (a) The Witcher III really impressed and turned people on to CD Projekt Red games so anticipation is high for a larger audience since the game is multiplatform and (b) Death Stranding is a super mysterious and confusing game on top of being a Kojima game. The Last of Us, Part II WILL turn heads and amaze us, but I don't think Naughty Dog will steal the show, not without really working for it.

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