MMO Players Feel Conflicted About Online Sugar Daddies

"Kristin Carnage was making her way through a city in World of Warcraft when a stranger stopped her female avatar. The stranger, a male avatar, opened a trade window with Carnage and moved, in her words, “a ton of gold” in his section of the trade box. For a while afterward, he offered to help run her through content and sent her toys through World of Warcraft’s in-game mail service."

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Prettygoodgamer146d ago

When I played wow I used to do the same but it wasn't anything to do with gender, I just liked helping out new people, I handed out 130k gold in one day and ran a bunch of people through dungeons........but then new players became really rare and It would take me a whole night to find even 1 legitimate new person.

bigmalky143d ago

When helping people becomes abuse...

I hate modern society.

Codewow143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Ill be honest. I noticed this was a thing when I started playing WoW in 2007. So I made female characters to get free stuff. It worked. Better than male characters did.

Cueil143d ago

this has been happening since Ultima Online... though really became a thing in Everquest

Codewow142d ago

I never tried it in Ultima. On the server I played on people gave me free stuff regardless of what my character looked like. Haha.