Editorial: Why Does Call of Duty Get so Much Flack?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "The negative imagery and constant badgering of the Call of Duty franchise have become a yearly ritual for people to complain about one of gaming’s most successful series. Once a new title is unveiled, many take to social media and say why they “will not buy this game” or dislike the videos on a variety of media to show their displeasure. The strange part of it all is the fact that, even though each new Call of Duty game that gets announced and through all of the negative imagery, these titles sell extremely well and one has to wonder if this downvoting is just a mere internet joke at this point or is there something else going on. Between it all, what causes this animosity and do fans truly want from the Call of Duty franchise."

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PhoenixUp181d ago

Because it’s making controversial business decisions. Some would say it’s just because it’s the top FPS franchise because Halo was as harshly critisized when it held the top spot before getting knocked off, but CoD still has done many controversial things over the years.

Making Modern Warfare Remastered needing Infinite Warfare just to play as well as charging for a higher price for the DLC instead of not including it has soured many’s opinion of the series.

Now this cutting single player is the latest to add to the pile

UltraNova181d ago

The only reason I would buy a CoD games was for that corny SP. It was a fun 5-6 hrs break from other more "serious" games. Now that's gone too. Oh well at least Metro and Rage 2 are coming.

PhoenixUp181d ago

I know the only reason I played any game in the series was because each campaign was so over to top and bombastic it was ridiculous not to experience the entire thing.

If Sledgehammer’s CoD title doesn’t have SP next year and Infinity Ward’s CoD doesn’t have it the year after then the series would be completely dead to me.

TheOttomatic91181d ago

Because it's not like Dark Souls