Why I Love: Portal 2

Portal was a classic, but lead games designer Steven Thornton of Sperasoft says: "Portal 2 is a true expansion of the original that doesn't rely on old ideas or call-backs to cakes and companion cubes. It's fresh and brave, it adds where most would take, and by the end it leaves the brilliant, self-standing, critically acclaimed masterpiece that is the original Portal looking like a Kickstarter demo for Portal 2."

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P_Bomb119d ago

Love Wheatley! Where’s Portal 3? Valve?

Gh05t118d ago

Sitting next to Half Life 3, completed but will never release because it cant live up to its predecessors.

Phoenix76118d ago

The portal series is\was one of the best franchise's valve ever put out. Wish they would make another one as I want to know what happened to all those human test subjects lol